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War Points are special points you gain while fighting wars. You access this feature using the large button to the right of the smaller battle (Invade and Duel) buttons on the battle page. You can only gain points from fighting players and their War Council, and only if those human players have a war rank close to yours.

Point Earning

Every time you fight a war and win, you may earn War points. The amount that you earn depends on what your War Rank is, and the War Rank of your opponent. However, If you lose the war, you will lose some war points.

The table below shows how many War Points you will earn or lose from a war, with X being the number of your war rank. If any number below is missing, we're sorry that you had to find out about it, but we would appreciate if you could tell us what you know.

This table is currently built on the assumption that War Points work like Battle Points.

Victory Defeat
Enemy war rank War Points earned War Points lost
X - 6 0 8
X - 5 0 7
X - 4 1 7
X - 3 3 6
Victory Defeat
Enemy war rank War Points earned War Points lost
X - 2 6 5
X - 1 8 4
X 10 4
X + 1 12 3
X + 2 13 3
Victory Defeat
Enemy war rank War Points earned War Points lost
X + 3 15 2
X + 4 16 1?
X + 5 17 0
X + 6 18 0

While you can lose war points, you will never lose your rank (This information is found on the war rank page in the game). If you had won enough war points to become a First Captain, and you lose all your war points, you can still be a First Captain with 0 war points with all the benefits (except for the one that's important... See below).[citation needed]

War Ranks

War Rank is a ranking system based on the number of War Points accumulated through PvP War. It is also a tab on the Battle page.

You can change and view your War Council via the War button war council "Assign War Council" button on the right side of the War sub banner.

There are currently 15 different War Ranks, and the 15 ranks are divided into 5 different tiers.

  • As a player reaches a certain amounts of war points, they will be awarded an increased rank, a new title and a reward.
  • Once a war point amount is hit, a player will maintain the best TIER (NOT Rank) achieved, even if their battle points fall below the threshold. A player will lose rank if they do not keep enough war points for that rank.
  • Unfortunately, if war points fall below what's needed for a rank, any item, magic, or soldier rewards won't be purchasable ("(locked)" will appear instead of amount drop down menu) in Town until needed battle points are regained.
  • Players that have not engaged in War will have a rank of zero with the title "No Rank".

Title Points Reward
Rank 1 Reserve 100 skill points (+5)
Rank 2 Footman 250 skill points (+5)
Rank 3 Corporal 450 Ornate Axe
Rank 4 Lieutenant 700 skill points (+5)
Rank 5 Captain 1200 skill points (+5)
Rank 6 First Captain 2000 Barbarian Captain
Rank 7 Blackguard 3000 skill points (+5)
Rank 8 Warguard 5000 skill points (+5)
Rank 9 Master Warguard 7500 Arcane Blast
Rank 10 Lieutenant Colonel 10000 skill points (+5)
Rank 11 Colonel 14000 skill points (+5)
Rank 12 First Colonel 19500 Pendant of Wonder
Rank 13 Lieutenant Warchief 22500 skill points (+5)
Rank 14 Warchief 27000 skill points (+5)
Rank 15 High warchief 32500 Orc Chieftain
Rank 16 Lord 37000(?) skill points (+5)(?)
Rank 17 Count 43000(?) skill points (+5)(?)
Rank 18 Marquis 50000(?) ???
Rank 19 Emperor 62000(?) skill points (+5)(?)
Rank 20 Overlord 80000(?) skill points (+5)(?)
Rank 21 Sovereign 100000(?) ???

War Rank Rewards

For gaining war ranks, you can earn a variety of rewards. In each tier, there are 3 separate ranks. For the first two ranks in a tier, you will earn 5 skill points[citation needed] for reaching that rank. For the third rank in each tier, you gain the ability to buy special armor or units. Each item has an incremental cost.[citation needed] This means that every time you buy these items, the cost to buy them will increase (just like buying land). Below where it says "incremental cost", it means that for every 1 that you buy, the price will increase by the incremental cost.[citation needed] If you buy 5 at a time, the next time you buy that item, the cost will be the original cost, plus the incremental cost times 5. So if the base cost is 350,000, and the incremental cost is 35,000, after buying 5 items, the new cost is:[citation needed]

350,000 + (35,000*5) = 525,000

Important Note about Buyables

  • While you may never move down a rank you still should try to maintain enough battle points to qualify for your current war rank. If you are a First Captain, and your war points fall below 2,000, you will not be able to buy Barbarian Captains. However, once you get your war points back up to 2,000, you will again be able to buy Barbarian Captains. Thankfully, you will only run into this problem with the items you can buy. You will never lose the bonus skill points you earn from war ranks.


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