This page is a resource for comparison of all war banners currently found in the game.

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  • (Legendary) are drops that are Orange.
  • (Epic) are drops that are Purple.
  • (Rare) are drops that are Blue.
  • (Uncommon) are drops that are Green.
Name Attack Defense Battle
Acquired Special Note
Bogo's Skull Stick 5 10 12 13.5 One time giveaway.

No longer available

+5 Defense to Bogo; +2% Defense to Balanced Generals; 0 slots
Chromus Warbanner 35 50 70 74.5 Chromus, epic alchemy +30 Physical Piercing; +3% Defense to Aggressive Generals; 1 slot
Elite Deliverance Warbanner 50 50 85 85 100v100 rewards +5% Defense and Attack to Balanced Generals; +25 Physical Pierce; 1 slot
Elite Oakforce Warbanner 25 35 49.5 53.5 100v100 rewards +5% Defense to Defensive Generals; +25 Physical Resistance; 1 slot
Elite Warmonger Warbanner 60 25 77.5 67 100v100 rewards +5% Attack to Aggressive Generals; +25 Physical Pierce; 1 slot
Mystic Warbanner 35 75 87.5 99.5 Chromus, epic alchemy +40 Physical Piercing; +4% Defense to Aggressive Generals; +4% Mage Enrage; 1 slot

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