Valeria, sometimes known as the "Kingdom of Earth",[1] is the continent[2] referred to in Castle Age lore as the land from which your character hails and is involved in defending and helping. Sometimes Valeria seems to refer to the world at large, but largely due to the ego-centricity of the Valerians. Valeria is also mostly likely the name of a city-state similar to their allied sister city, the plateau city of Illvasa.

Recently, Valeria has been fighting the War of the Red Plains against Zenarea.

Valerian Heroes

  • Aria - Aria was one of Lotus Ravenmoore's last known apprentices. Although she initially dedicated herself to learning the darker powers of wizardry, she has now turned a new leaf and uses her magic to protect Valeria.
  • Celesta - Although apparently a protector of all mortal lands, Celesta appears to have a particular concern for Valeria and its heroes.
  • Illusia - One of the great sorceresses of Valeria, Illusia is most well known for defeating a large battalion of orcs single-handedly by sapping them of their sanity and ultimately their lives.
  • Lailah - One of the great Seraphims, Lailah was sent to watch over the humans of Valeria, to ensure that the balance is maintained. However, since Mephistopheles entered into this realm, she has taken up arms against the demonic denizens of the land.
  • Memnon - Memnon was the youngest individual to ever successfully pass the grueling Arch Mage's Trial. Through intense studies of the magical arts, Memnon has gained access to some powerful summoning spells known in Valeria.
  • Morrigan - Put under a spell, the once evil Morrigan has become a protector over the civilians of Valeria. The spell that controls her evil may be weakening, but she remains loyal to Valeria.
  • Shino - Brutally efficient, cold and detached, Shino yet seems to have enough heart to fight for Valeria.
  • Sofira - A talented elven priestess who showed immense potential of controlling nature energy. The elven elders claims she is the destined one who will bring together the different elven tribes throughout Valeria.
  • Strider - Raised amongst assassins, Strider was once cold and ruthless. Because of a recent incident, he has forsaken his dark past and taken up arms for Valeria.
  • Titania - As an Elven General, Titania has at her disposal, the oldest and most refined soldiers of Valeria.

Valerian Units

Valerian Siege Weapons


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  2. See paragraph 5 of Azriel Slain.

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