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Trades Market
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The Trade Market allows players to trade rune essences (i.e., Attack, Defense, Damage, and Health essences) to guilds in order to receive rune experience, which in turn determines the level of your rune and the bonuses that you can receive.

Trading your essence Edit

To perform a trade, you must do the following:

  • Acquire 200 or more of one of the types of rune essences.
  • Locate a guild which has available capacity to store the type of essence which you will be trading.
  • Trade your rune essence for rune experience.

Acquiring rune essence Edit

To perform a trade, the first step is to acquire Rune essence. It is obtained in two ways:

  • through Monsters, for Attack and Damage essences
  • through Quests, for Defense and Health essences.

Locating a guild Edit

Next, at the Trade Market, you must locate a guild which has available capacity to store the type of essence which you will be trading. It can be your own guild, or it can be any of the others that are displayed at the Trade Market. You select the guild, and then see if it has available storage. If it does not, you must select another.

  • Players who belong to a guild will see their own guild always appearing first in the Trade Market guild list. Beyond that, the guild list appears to be randomized.
  • The Trade Market is NOT an exchange for players to trade one type of essence for a different type.
  • Players need not belong to a guild to trade essences.
  • Players need not trade exclusively with their own guild, although having increasing amounts of stored essence gives guild-wide bonuses, so it is best to try and trade with your own guild first.

Trading rune essence for rune experience Edit

Finally, once you have located a guild with available storage capacity to store the type of essence which you will be trading, you select the type of essence that you wish to trade, and then make the trade, converting the rune essence into rune experience.

  • Essences are traded in groups of 200 (and multiples thereof).
  • Each essence trade of 200 also costs the player 25 energy.
  • For the trade, per 200 essences, you receive:
    • 1000 rune experience
    • 30 player experience.

The rune experience is immediately applied to your applicable rune.

  • The additional rune experience may cause the rune to go up a level.
  • Rune experience is applied regardless of whether or not the rune is currently forged onto equipment.
  • Note that a rune must be forged onto equipment and be equipped for the rune bonus to apply during gameplay.

Rune experience bonus Edit

A rune experience trade bonus (from 1% to 18%) can be applied, depending on your Conquest Duel Battlelust Points:

Battlelust Trade Bonus
0 - 19 none
20 - 39 1%
40 - 59 2%
60 - 79 3%
80 - 99 4%
100 - 119 5%
120 - 139 6%
140 - 159 7%
160 - 179 8%
180 - 199 9%
200 - 219 10%
220 - 239 11%
240 - 259 12%
260 - 279 13%
280 - 299 14%
300 - 319 15%
320 - 339 16%
340 - 359 17%
360 18%

Essence storage Edit

To receive essence trades, each guild has one storage slot for each type of essence. Each storage slot's capacity starts at zero, and must be leveled up through contributions from guild members. Players receive 30 experience for this contribution. Contributions are made through expending the following:

  • For FB members, 25 energy, 5 iron, and 5 wood.
  • For iOS members, 25 energy.

If an essence storage slot is full, further trades of that type of essence can be received at 80% efficiency until the guild expands that storage slot further. The storage level is limited by conquest guild rank. If a storage slot level is already equal to conquest guild rank, further attempts to contribute to storage expansion produce the message "You can not improve beyond your guild rank!".

Note: The 33% Guild Trade bonus effective in the beginning of the Trade Market is currently ineffective; maybe it is removed until further info.

Essence storage ranks and bonuses Edit

Stored essence provides guild-wide threshold bonuses, which benefits all members of the guild. For example,

  • Additional Guild Battle health points.
  • Additional Guild Battle damage to opponents. This is added to the damage both when you are the attacker and when you are the defender.
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