Tower of Transcendence full view

Both Tower of Transcendence Towers were removed from the game May 11, 2016


Tower of Transcendence is an event under the Castle Age Festival where players fight various monsters in a "tower-climbing" style challenge. The higher the rank, the harder the monsters with the highest rank unlocking a monster battle with Agamemnon, the Overseer.

The monsters must be summoned at the Tower of Transcendence Festival page for them to count as a Festival monster. Festival Monsters are summoned randomly but require no ingredients to summon, unlike their normal versions. Players can only summon 1 festival monster at a time. Once a monster is dead, the summoner must wait 24 hours before he can summon another one. If a monster flees without dying, a new monster can be summoned immediately. Festival monsters have slightly more time alloted to defeat than standard monsters.

Festival mosters do not count towards Gold Medals, but they do count towards achievements. Defeating a monster awards players with monster points to go with the standard loot and guild points for that monster.

Accumulating enough monster points for a floor/rank unlocks the next one. There are 4 monster fights per floor, excluding the top floor which only has 1 monster fight available.

Additionally, players are awarded a bonus skill point per floor if they are the summoner and they contribute a significant portion of damage when defeating all 4 monsters of that floor.

The damage cited as being needed to be done must come from stamina usage only, similar to Gold Medal runs. Activity contributions that use energy (fortifying, dispelling, strengthening, healing, crippling, and deflection) do not count towards the numbers needed.

Points Accumulation

Players can only unlock higher ranks by completing the points requirement from a floor 1 rank below. Example: to unlock Platinum rank, players must kill and collect points from Gold monsters. They cannot unlock it by continuously beating Silver, Bronze or Vanguard monsters.

Players who participate in summons of other higher than their own rank can accumulate points but it won't be shown as their floor is not yet unlocked. Once they obtain the necessary amount of points needed to unlock the rank, they will be eligible to summon on that rank regardless if ranks are skipped in between. Example: if a player keeps on slaying Gold rank monsters summoned by other players, Platinum rank will be unlocked even if they haven't cleared Silver rank yet.

It's worth noting that unlocking only makes players eligible to summon Festival monsters of different ranks. They can still fight any ranked monster summoned by other players.

Note: Only damage is taken into consideration when calculating the minimum damage required to get points. Heal/Defense/Deflect points will not be taken into account.

Bronze Rank

Festival monster bronze Unlocked by default
Summoner Clear Bonus: +2 Skill Points
Monster Time Limit Required Damage Monster Point Value
Colossus boss
Colossus of Terra
96 hours 30,000 100
Gildamesh boss
Gildamesh, the Orc King
96 hours 30,000 50
Serpent Emerald
The Emerald Sea Serpent
96 hours 30,000 150
Dragon Blue
The Frost Dragon
96 hours 30,000 200

Silver Rank

Festival monster silver Accumulate 500 Monster Points from Bronze monsters to Unlock
Summoner Clear Bonus: +2 Skill Points
Monster Time Limit Required Damage Monster Point Value
Festival sylvanas
Sylvanas, the Sorceress Queen
72 hours 30,000 150
Serpent Amethyst
The Amethyst Sea Serpent
96 Hours


Serpent Sapphire
The Sapphire Sea Serpent
96 hours 30,000 200
Dragon Gold
The Gold Dragon
96 hours 30,000 250

Gold Rank

Festival monster gold Accumulate 1500 Monster Points from Silver monsters to Unlock
Summoner Clear Bonus: +2 Skill Points
Monster Time Limit Required Damage Monster Point Value
Boss skaar2
Skaar Deathrune
120 hours 1,000,000 500
Festival meph
72 hours 50,000 150 - 200
Serpent Ancient
The Ancient Sea Serpent
96 hours 30,000 250 - 300
Dragon Red
The Ancient Red Dragon
96 hours 50,000 250

Platinum Rank

Festival monster platinum Accumulate 2250

Monster Points from Gold monsters to Unlock

Summoner Clear Bonus: +3 Skill Points
Monster Time Limit Required Damage Monster Point Value
Festival baha
Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon
192 1,000,000 500
Festival rag
Ragnarok, the Ice Elemental
192 1,000,000 400
Festival hydra
Cronus, the World Hydra


Festival genesis
Genesis, the Earth Elemental
192 1,000,000 350

Vanguard Rank

Festival monster vanguard Accumulate 10,000 Monster Points from Platinum monsters to Unlock
Summoner Clear Bonus: +3 Skill Points
Monster Time Limit Required Damage Monster Point Value
Festival valhalla
Valhalla, the Air Elemental
192 1,000,000 575
Festival gehenna
Gehenna, the Fire Elemental
192 1,000,000 500
Azriel, the Angel of Wrath
192 1,000,000 550
Alpha Mephistopheles
192 1,000,000 550

Boss Rank

Festival agga Accumulate 20,000 Monster Points from Vanguard monsters to Unlock
Summoner Clear Bonus: None
Monster Time Limit Required Damage Monster Point Value
Boss agamemnon small
Agamemnon, the Overseer
192 None None


  • There seems to be a (fluctuation of) 2.5 to 3.0 seconds* of delay (if the game isn't loading i.e. no "blue orb") between attacks that a player must abide by to prevent the following message from showing up: "You attacked too soon and missed your attack on [insert Monster's name]".
    *Tested with the aid of a clicking-automation software

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