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Note: Values were erased for a purpose!

Recently The Emporium became a house for 4 shops that are guild activities related.

  1. Guild Shop 
  2. Conquest Duel Shop
  3. Conquest War Shop
  4. Conquest Pathways Shop

Most Items in the emporium can be purchased with Guild Coins. Yet the enhanced version of the Emporium would envolve added cost with other items, such as Wood and Iron.

An exception applied to Conquest Pathways since it was introduced, Which involves special scores of specialized points that have to be collected daily (or upon player's willingness to report in).

Further details will be avaiable in Conquest Pathways Section.

Guild Shop Edit

The Guild Shop has special powers for the various classes for purchase.

War Shop Edit

The War Shop has equipment with bonuses for the various classes for purchase. Guild iron Iron and Guild lumber Lumber are needed in addition to guild coins and can be obtained by participating in Conquest Battles.

Conquest Shop Edit

The Conquest Shop holds items that are unlocked through Conquest Duels. These items are purchasable with Guild Coins and have special properties when Forging them.

Conquest Path ShopEdit

The idea of conquest Pathways is to add more benefit to the player through Conquest activities. Since a player is to choose a character class, most of this player guild-related activities would be captured in points form. Note that by Viewing the Report you can see exactly how many points each activity is worth. Each path has points for activity as well as some things one can do to get a percentage bonus to basic earnings.

  1. Successfully attacking players defending other Guild's lands in both Land of Mist - LoM - & Land of Earth - LoE - (not Questing Lands that hold the same names). generates pojnts for this path. That allows all character classes to get points here.  [Conqueror's Path Shop ]
  2. Using Stamina to attack and defeat Guild Monsters that appear in Conquest Lands (not the standard Guild Monsters Like Vincent, et al) generates points for this path. That allows all character classes to get points here. However, the monster MUST be slain - so the "hunt" must finish successfully. [Hunter's Path Shop ]
  3. Healing or Guarding guild-mates in the defending lands generates activity points for  this path. Therefore, it is limited to Cleric and Warrior classes. This can be a real challenge since defending lands have a fixed amount of time they will be defending. [Guardian's Path Shop ]
  4. Fortifiying towers in Land of Earth generates points for this path. That allows all character classes to get points here. Now that many guilds are up against storage limits, fortification is happening more, which allows one to create room for essence trading within the guild. [Engineer's Path Shop ]

The following illustration will demonstrate various information bits.


Each path consist of list of "purchasable" Items against points collected (exhibiting summary)

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