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Monster thanatos large

Thanatos, the Reborn can be summoned on the Alchemy Summons page if you have 50 energy on hand and are at least level 450.

You have 168 hours to complete the battle before he flees.

Basic Information

Thanatos has 1.03 Billion health. Up to 160 people total may participate in the battle. Of these participants, only a set number can participate based on that player's level at the time of joining the battle.

  • 100 people levels 500+
  • 40 people levels 150-499
  • 20 people levels 100-149

This battle uses the Monster Class, Piercing/Resistance, Divine Power and Target Area systems.

Special Information

Target Areas

Thanatos has four different areas that can be attacked, each with its own health and resistance :

  • Head (422.5 million health) - Dispatch to defeat Thanatos.
  • Wings (422.5 million health) - Dispatch to defeat Thanatos.
  • Arms (92.5 million health) - Dispatch to enable Fire Weakness on the Head. Reduces damage to Head by a maximum of 27% while alive.
  • Legs (92.5 million health) - Dispatch to enable Water Weakness on the Wings. Reduces damage to Wings by a maximum of 27% while alive.


Thanatos has Piercing, Water, Fire, Wind and Earth Resistances, and Fire and Water Weaknesses.

  • Head - +18 Piercing Resistance (Max block 18%), +15 Fire Resistance (Max block 5%), -10 Fire Weakness (Maximum bonus 10%, enabled when Arms is defeated)
  • Wings - +18 Piercing Resistance (Max block 18%), +15 Water Resistance (Max block 5%), -10 Water Weakness (Maximum bonus 10%, enabled when Legs are defeated)
  • Arms - +18 Piercing Resistance (Maximum block 18%), +15 Earth Resistance (Max block 5%)
  • Legs - +18 Piercing Resistance (Maximum block 18%), +15 Wind Resistance (Max block 5%)

Divine Armor

All parts of Thanatos have Divine Armor. This armor requires 700 Divine Power to get full damage, and blocks a maximum of 30% with no Divine Power, degrading by 0.0428% for each point of Divine Power you have.

Siege Weapons

While fighting Thanatos, there are 5 siege weapons that can be launched to deal extra damage.
All Siege Weapons hit Thanatos's Head and Wings and are unaffected by blocks and resistances.
*Thanatos's Head and Wings has 845,000,000 HP

Name Clicks Damage Dealt

%HP Dealt*

Valerian Soldiers Valerian Soldiers 15 22,000,000 dmg
1,466,667 dmg/click
2.6 %
0.17 % per click
Elven Rangers Elven Rangers 30 25,000,000 dmg
833,333 dmg/click
2.96 %
0.1 % per click
Dwarven Militia Dwarven Militia 45 28,000,000 dmg
622,222 dmg/click
3.31 %
0.07 % per click
Archer Allies Archer Allies 60 31,000,000 dmg
516,667 dmg/click
3.67 %
0.06 % per click
Gray Wizards Gray Wizards 65 34,000,000 dmg
523,077 dmg/click
4.02 %
0.06 % per click
Totals 215 140,000,000 dmg
651,163 dmg/click
16.57 %
0.08 % per click


Thanatos Summoned

no text

Thanatos Slain

Legends of hubris and wrath swirl around the ancient draconian empire that once settled this frozen desert. Whispers speak of an ancient power returning to where their ruins sank beneath the forgotten tundra. Echoes of a past age. When dragons ruled the sky, and humanity cowered in their shadow. One stood a paragon to the dragonkin. Who, in his hatred against the world of mortals, sought to overtake it. The great sundering brought an end to his reign of terror. In his defeat, he swore vengeance against humankind. The prophecies tell of the end of days. The fall of mankind.

...The fated return of Thanatos.

You approach the frozen Coast. Skeletal shipwrecks serve as a warning to any vessel navigating too close to its shores. The blight well is visible from far off its spreading corruption blackening the sky over the northern shore. Sharp cracks of lightning tear through the air. You make your approach across the frigid wasteland, its enormous ice plain littered with the bones of soldiers and dragons. The vast translucent glacier looms overhead, glyphs carved into its rocky surface spread a continuous glow to the surrounding remains of the frozen keep. At the epicenter, rests the petrified corpse of Thanatos.

Upon arriving. The surrounding obelisks ignite, emitting streaks of blue lighting across the air periodically sending off jets of frost. Scarring the landscape with its lashings. The still air is broken by the Wyrm's impending voice. "It is time." His colossal figure upends itself from the earth. His menacing gaze focused on you.

Dark energy pours from the reborn Thanatos. He sets wide his massive jaws and a bright flash zips through the air like a ribbon of light. Its frigid air wrapping around you, coursing throughout your body. Stumbled backwards, all of your strength draining. Your joints lock becoming heavy impossible to move. A crystalline prison encases you, as the frost climbs higher and higher. Frozen solid. But why are you still alive? A great voice echoes in the back of your mind. "Vengeance will be mine." Eyes fixed open on the battle ahead. Forced to watch, as the dragon makes short work of your forces. Powerless to aid in their attack. No. "Your screams will echo inside these walls long after the world of man has vanished." Claws held high over the defenseless warriors. Come crashing down annihilating waves of your soldiers. Heroes who will no longer return to their families. Hope drains from your mind.

When all seems lost, a glimmer catches your eye. The chest. You realize, noticing that it is gushing storm light from its numerous cracks, feeding from the obelisks. The key to his resurrection. Resolve courses through your body reverberating through the hilt of your weapon. Cracks begin to form on the surface of your prison. Against the odds, you burst free. The air grows still. You climb trembling to your feet. Even the watching cadre of soldiers hold in their cheers. Now it is time to strike. Your order your troops to destroy the conduits while you face off against the beast once more.

Lightning cracks against your shield but you deflect it. You leap over one attack, then step to the side of another. The massive figure of the dragon lord is too slow to match your advance. Your weapon strikes true, shattering the carapace. Your gauntlet tears free the molten heart from the crystalline chalice of Thanatos' rib cage. Lightning crackles weakly against your armor, the light quickly fading from its form.

The high lord of the dragons was dead. But who had returned him to life? A pawn to some dark prophecy. Regardless, you cannot help but think that this is just the beginning.

A storm is coming.


Rewards While Fighting Thanatos

Attack Essence 108 Attack Essence

Rewards After Slaying Thanatos

Monster thanatos dead

Rare Drops Epic Drops Legendary Drops

Lich Boots Lich Boots
Boots: Attack:10 Defense:10
Lich Amulet Lich Amulet
Amulet: Attack:24 Defense:24
Lich Helm Lich Helm
Helmet: Attack:32 Defense:35
Lich Blade Lich Blade
Weapon: Attack:41 Defense:39

Dragon Bone Blue Dragon Bone: Blue

Dragon Bone Green Dragon Bone: Green

Dragon Bone Amber Dragon Bone: Amber

Dragon Spirit Blue Dragon Spirit: Blue

Dragon Spirit Green Dragon Spirit: Green

Loot Damage Threshold

Updated: Dec 2015. Pure damage seems important on this monster.

  • 1 Epic Drop
    • Starts: 10.5 million
    • 99%: 17.0 million
  • 2 Epic Drops
    • Starts: 20.0 million
    • 99%: 31.0 million
  • 3 Epic Drops
    • Starts: 36.8 million
    • 99%: 53.5 million
  • Legendary Drop
    • Starts: 55 million
    • 99%: 94 million (anecdotally, 97 million, but could be energy use)

Source: Thanatos Loot Spreadsheet


  • Gold Medal: 25.75 million pure damage (projected) in no more than 24 hours (before 144 hrs monster timer). One-time award 3 Skill Points.



  • Introduced September 18, 2014

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