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Mary Syson of Devil's Corp Guild had asked me how to collect on a Mist Ouroboros that was not visible anymore, ie the land had gone from collect mode into the 48 hour active owned land mode and so the Ouroboros was not visible.  I told her that you could still collect on it, view the Ouroboros, using the direct link.

The first thing to do is to go to any existing guild mist monster and copy the link.  The location of the link is in the following screen shot:


Underneath the arrow indicated 'attack' button you can get the link from the 'monster link' right underneath, or if you are used to the old way you can right click on the 'attack' button and copy link address from there.

In this case the link looks like:

The key parameters in the querystring, or in plain english, the parts of the link that matter are the parts slot= and monster_slot= .  The other parts are the location of the page, the guild id which is a concatenation of guild_creator_id= and guild_created_at= .  In any guild's land of mist there are five clearable lands, and these correspond to slot=1, slot=2, slot=3. slot=4, and slot=5.  In any mist land there are 1 to 3 monsters and these correspond to monster_slot=1, monster_slot=2, and monster_slot=3.  Knowing these bits of information you can then navigate to any EXISTING mist monster in the guild by filling in the slot= and monster_slot= portions of your guild's mist monster link.  In Mary's case it was an Ouroboros and those are almost always monster_slot=1, and she gave me the slot=1 link and I found what she was looking for by changing slot=1 to slot=4, or the first monster in land number 4 (because monster_slot=1).  Mary had missed collecting on it by a few minutes, but she was able to navigate to it using the direct link I gave her based on another mist monster link she gave to me, and we all had a happy ending.

Hope this article helps someone out there in the future, and you can thank me by sending money donations to my facebook group, Direct Links for Castle Age.


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