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Smoke Bomb
Smoke Bomb I large
Imbue Evasion on allies in Guild Battle and Conquest Battles.
Rune Bonus
Icon: Smokebomb icon
Class: Rogue


Level Effect Obtained From
I Grants 20% evade to target ally for the next 5 turns. Usable in Guild Battle and Conquest Battles. Conquest Path Shop


  • Smoke Bomb is a special Rogue ability that must be selected in the attack box of the ally target. Once activated on an ally, it provides 20% evade to that ally for the next 5 turns (includes both offensive and defensive turns).
  • The evade works the same as the Rogue ability Evade.
  • A Rogue under 200 health (i.e., Defeated or Stunned) cannot perform Smoke Bomb on an ally.
  • A Rogue can apply Smoke Bomb on an ally as long as the ally has 1 or more battle health.
  • In festival battles, a Rogue can apply Smoke Bomb on an ally as long as the ally has 201 or more battle health.
  • Smoke Bomb effects interact with other abilities as follows:
    • A Smoke Bomb cannot be applied to the casting Rogue.
    • When a Smoke Bomb is applied to a Rogue who has Evade, the abilities stack.
    • Smoke Bomb does not stack. If an already Smoke Bombed ally target is Smoke Bombed again, the new application of Smoke Bomb supersedes the old one, and the 5 turn counter starts again.
    • When Resurrection/Revive occurs on a Smoke Bombed ally, the Smoke Bomb remains in affect for its remaining rounds.
    • An enemy cannot use Cleanse to remove a Smoke Bomb, neither on allies or opponents.
    • Using Heal on a smoke bombed ally counts against the 5 turn counter.

More Info

  • Unlocks through the Guardian Path in the Conquest Path shop, with 50,000 lifetime points.
  • This ability was introduced to allow Rogues to be able to gain Guardian Points.
  • Using this ability will earn you 135 battle points per Smoke Bomb.

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