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This article is about the guardian. For the monster, see Selenia, Queen of the Succubi.
Special Ability
Increase Player Attack by X and Decrease Player Defense by Y
Origin: Rapture
Recruit Method
Combine Succubi Epics in Alchemy

Stats & Levels

Level Attack Defense Ability
1 14 13 +4 Attack

-5 Defense

2 15 14 +8 Attack

-10 Defense

3 16 15 +12 Attack

-15 Defense

4 17 16 +16 Attack

-20 Defense


  • In PvP, since 70% of the defense stat is added to attack stat in attacking (based on player-accepted formula), Selenia's actual bonus is just +2 to attack after the defense penalty is counted.
    • Attack Formula with Selenia:
      (X + 16) + (0.7*(Y - 20))
      X + 16 + 0.7Y - 14
      X + 0.7Y + 2
      X + 0.7Y is the PvP formula, leaving the +2 to be Selenia's bonus.

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