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This guide starts off by assuming you know what the Elite Guard is and you're reading this to make the recruitment process faster and easier.

If you are like most with a smaller army and need that extra boost for fighting the bosses, Castle Age's Elite Guard is—or should be—very important to you. The Elite Guard provides you with special effects during certain boss fights as well as in battling most monsters from extra gold to extra damage. This is an advantage you shouldn't miss out on. For some of you, it's hard to get people to fill those empty slots quickly when you're ready to play. There is a way to fill your Elite Guard with a click of a button. The set-up time to do this in itself is a little time-consuming, but the end result will leave you satisfied, with a full guard almost on demand.

There are two ways to quickly fill your Elite Guard.

First Method

This is the link for adding Elite Guard.

Where fffffff is the number of someone's Facebook account.


Compose a new Facebook message. The receiver is yourself.

Copy the link above. Then replacing the fffffff with your friends' Facebook account number.


Go to this page:

for searching your friends' Facebook account.

You should choose someone who likely doesn't have a full elite guard when you click their links (like low level players / players without profile pictures). Or you can simply choose anyone.


Open their Castle Age keep page on a new tab / window so that you can get their number.


Copy and replace their number in the composing new message.


Having at least 15 links before sending the new message to yourself.



Whenever you need to fill your Elite Guard, just open that message (can find it in your inbox or sent box). Hold Ctrl Key (if you're using Window) or Command Key (if you're using Mac) and clicks on the link to open them in new tabs. Click all the links and for sure you're Elite Guard will be fulfilled.


Second Method

NOTE: This will only work on one computer as the links you save are computer-based. A simple way to save these links to a different computer, or to share them with another, is to send them via email. They can then be added from the email using the method described. You can also create a Note in your Facebook account and put your Elite Guard links in the Note. This will make them available to you on any computer from which you are playing Castle Age.


We're going to make a new folder in your browser tool bar. This is a function that is available to most browsers, though not necessarily as easily accessed as with the newer ones. You can upgrade your browser to a newer version or download a newer browser to get more functionality in your browser. In this example is done with a simple Right Click to bring up a menu, choose Add Folder from the menu. A good name is "Elite Guard", as this is what you will be storing in this folder. Creating this folder is perhaps the most important step and will be used later.

Making the tab 1


Go into your castle age account visiting your Army on the tabs provided. In the newest version of Castle Age this tab is now labeled "Gift" rather than "Army". The fields it evokes are still unchanged.

Getting to the army


You'll see the list of names of the people that are in your army. Depending on the number of people in your army, you have will determine how long this whole process will take. Find a name of someone that is in your army RIGHT CLICKING on the name. Choose "Open link in new tab" from the menu. This opens that person's information in its own tab within the window. Doing this will insure that you can do multiple names in a short amount of time without having to go back to reopen the army screen, which will remain in the first original window for easy access to further names.

It begins 1


You will see your chosen person's information appear, along with some basic stats in the new tab. From here CLICK on the Elite Guard tab. Its important to do this here while on your chosen person because clicking this tab in your keep will just send you to your own elite guard. Here you can access their information.



From here you can see your chosen person's Elite Guard, along with some notifications they've posted. These notifications can also be accessed on your Facebook wall. You can CLICK the links within these notifications to access the content described in them. In this instance we are looking for Elite Guard so CLICK the "Elite Guard" link.

2 - Copy



Congrats! You have now added someone from your army list to your Elite Guard. You can skip these steps if your Facebook wall already has "Call to Arms" request on it. These steps have been provided so you can multi-task and do several of these at once without endless and perhaps fruitless scrolling seeking out a "Call to Arms" request. Pretty nice, but the best is yet to come.

3 - Copy

Now here is the important part. Remember the folder on your favorites bar of your browser that was added earlier? Here's where this comes into play. Now you can simply Bookmark this page and place it to your Elite Guard folder. Doing this with multiple tabs saves time. It's easily done with a CLICK and DRAG motion.


By now you have noticed that some of your friends don't have the call for Elite Guard announcement on their board. Now this is where it gets a little time consuming. However, there is an Option for you!



CLICK on the face or the name of the your target soldier.

1 - Copy

STEP 8 - 10 same tab, target soldiers page

You'll see the chosen person's Facebook page appears. On the right side under the comment box there is a filter button. CLICKING this button will open a sub menu to the left under the comment box. Clicking to see Just your friends comments will ensure your not going through random post as well as keeping your friends privacy. Now you simply scroll down until you see an Elite Guard request on their page. CLICK the link and follow the remaining steps to Bookmark and store the Bookmark in your "Elite Guard" folder. These post can go back as much as a year. So, if they've made a request during that time, you can still join their Elite Guard.



The organization of your "Elite Guard" folder will be left up to you. A good suggestion is to save your target soldiers page and place it into the elite guard folder on your browser (explained in step 6), that you edit the name of that field to be the name of the person you just added. This will make sure you don't double save the same person.

If you've followed these steps you won't have to worry about ever having a empty Elite Guard again. Just go through your list on your favorites bar. You'll be directly connected to each person listed there's Elite Guard and can add them with a single CLICK, provided their (or your) Elite Guard isn't full. If their Elite Guard is full you can click on the next name and so on until your Elite Guard is full. Hopefully this was helpful.

Enjoy Playing Castle Age.

When you're done, it will look something like this.

When your done 1

Alternate Method (requires knowledge of HTML)

One Time Setup

  • Go through your Castle Age friends list and look for people with elite guard request links.
  • Right click and copy the location of each URL.
  • Paste the copied URL into note pad.
  • Create an HTML page with 10-30 frames.
  • Place one of the copied URLs in each frame.
  • Save the HTML document to your desktop or other folder on your hard drive.

When You Want to Fill Up Your Elite Guard

  • Open your default browser and log into Facebook
  • Open the HTML file you just made in your browser.
  • Wait a few seconds (possibly longer depending on your internet connection and computer speed) for all the frames to load.
  • Close the browser window with the HTML page.

Your guard should now be full.

The extra frames are for cases when your friends elite guards are full and you can't join.

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