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The Oracle link is under the Castle Age banner. The Oracle is divided into 5 areas: Oracle, Favor Generals, Reinforcements, Demi Power, and Chest.

Oracle Edit

The main Oracle page contains several offers you may purchase with favor points, a featured Favor General and his or her gear available for purchase with favor points, and a method to purchase favor points with real money.

Offer Favor point small  Cost
A full (up to 2000) refill of Stat energy  Energy 10
A full (up to 1000) refill of Stat stamina  Stamina. 10
A full refill of Stat health  Health 10
3 (2 if your level is below 20) extra Stat army Army members of any demi-power. 20
About 4 hours of your Treasury egg income + ($2000 * your level). 10
A name change. 10
During Arena, an arena token refill. 5

Notes Edit

  • Health refills are a staggeringly expensive waste of favor points. Celesta will restore your health for a few gold.
  • Purchasing gold with favor points is a very poor deal, as you will earn that same gold anyway in just a few hours.
  • A few extra army members are probably not worth the 20 favor point cost.

Favor Generals Edit

This is where you may use favor points to purchase new heroes to act as generals. Each of these Favor Generals has 3 "special items", equipment or magic, also available for purchase. The generals cost 30 favor points, while their associated items cost 25 favor points each. For a full list of these generals, their equipment, and the level required to purchase them, please see the Oracle Favor Generals page.

Reinforcements Edit

Crushing Blade
Crushing Blade
6 Attack 6 Defense
Favor point small  20 Favor Points
[+1 Attack]
Req +4 New Army Members
Terran Plate
Terran Plate
7 Attack 4 Defense
Favor point small  20 Favor Points
[+8 Health]
Req +6 New Army Members
Crown of Darius
Crown of Darius
8 Attack 7 Defense
Favor point small  20 Favor Points
[+2 Stamina]
Req +8 New Army Members
Mark of the Wolf
Mark of the Wolf
6 Attack 8 Defense
Favor point small  20 Favor Points
[+2 Energy]
Req +10 New Army Members
Aegis of Earth
Aegis of Earth
9 Attack 7 Defense
Favor point small  25 Favor Points
[+1 Defense]
Req +12 New Army Members
Mythril Fists
Mythril Fists
9 Attack 10 Defense
Favor point small  25 Favor Points
[+3 Energy]
Req +14 New Army Members
Wolfwood Amulet
Wolfwood Amulet
13 Attack 7 Defense
Favor point small  25 Favor Points
[+1% Critical]
Req +17 New Army Members
16 Attack 16 Defense
Favor point small  30 Favor Points
Decreases Soldier Costs by -10%
Req +20 New Army Members

You acquire these reinforcements by increasing your army size (regardless of your current army size -- you have to add up to 20 new members), or by paying Favor Points to "Claim" Darius and his bonus weapons/items. The first item requires 4 new army members, and increases by 2 additional army members until you get to the Mythril Gloves, then the number is increased by 3 additional army members. Darius, will cost you 20 new army members, or 30 Favor Points.

Note: The Crusader set is the latest Reinforcement offer but for some reason, it goes back to show Darius' set once you have claimed everything from it.

Demi-Power Edit

Demi-powers are the Castle Age world's five deities. Each one is tied to a stat, and every 24 or 48 hours, you may receive a blessing from one to gain demi-points and a stat point of the their alignment.

Treasure Chests Edit

Treasure Chests are special items you can buy with favor points. Each Treasure Chest contains equipment, magic, soldiers and heroes. Most of the heroes and items are extremely rare or exclusive and can only be found in the chests. You can "pull" from the treasure chests from either the home screen or the Oracle tab. When pulling from a chest, you do not get to choose the item that you get. You can either get 1 randomly selected item, or 3 randomly selected items (depending on how many favor points you are willing to spend).

Item Rarities Edit

There are 4 tiers of item rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic.

Your chances when purchasing a chest:

  • 55% chance for Common
  • 30% chance for Uncommon
  • 10% chance for Rare
  • 5% chance for Epic

Heroes are unique, so if you pull one that you already had, you will instead randomly get one of the following:

  • hero crystal
  • red, blue, or green Evolution Crystal
  • red, blue, or green Hero XP Potion

There are currently ten Treasure Chests available:


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