Straight from Castle Age

Lion's Rebellion!

September 27, 2010 by Vulcan

The winds of change are coming. Forces will come to a head. Which side will you choose during the Lion's Rebellion?

Lion's Rebellion News

Random Information

  • New Quest Area: Earth II
    • 8 New Quests that require additional upkeep-expensive items and soldiers.
  • New Monster: Lion's Rebellion
    • Requires Boss Quest Orb to summon
    • 8 New Loot
  • New Achievement
    • Defeat Aurelius and the Lion Rebels 5 times with a minimum of 1,000 kill each to be awarded 5 Favor Points

  • Broken Images
    • Cid Helm alchemy components and Orb of Azriel's pictures are no longer found in the updated graphics directory.

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