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Skill Points from Atlantis!

September 15, 2011 by Vulcan

Skill point rewards from Atlantis II now available via Alchemy!

Ca skillpoint

Random Information

New Alchemy: Rings with Skill Points!

  • Think Atlantis II is a waste of time because they are excavation type quests? Not lured by the powerful Helm of the Deep or those 10 FP from the Kraken achievements? How about SKILL POINTS, sir/madam? YES JUICY SKILL POINTS!! 32 OF THEM!!!
  • Due to player feedback, the devs increased the treasures to be obtained in Atlantis II with the most sought after treasure in all of Castle Age: SKILL POINTS!!!
  • As consolation prizes, rings are also given out with gift-like stats (10 attack, 10 defense) but who cares, the SPs are the true treasures!
  • Venture (or return) to Atlantis II and collect excavated loot to combine them in alchemy for SPs! The rarer the loot, the more the skill point return.

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