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Straight from Castle Age!


August 4, 2011 by Vulcan

The mystical faerie, Ephraline, is now available!

Ephraline Phantasmal Brooch Mystical Illusion

Random Information

New General: Ephraline!

  • Must be at least level 320 to see Ephraline.
  • Mini-Syren + Mini Alexandria = Ephraline! Another mage general for the mage confuse spammers in the current Arena Season IV: Wrath!

Malekus Battle Updated!

  • Loot bug has been fixed and you can now win the Aegis of Battle from the fight. Keeper of Chaos can now be completed!

Arena Season IV Update

  • The Arena battle bug has been fixed. Players can now participate in the days' last battle without having to forfeit 1 battle for the next day.

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