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Straight from Castle Age

Typhonus, the Chimera!

June 30, 2011 by Vulcan

The fearsome Typhonus, the Chimera is attacking! Defeat the mighty beast!

Typhonus 1Typhonus 2Typhonus 3

Random Information

New Gift!

  • Exhange with your friends the new Mystery Beast Gift package to receive ingredient to summon a chimera! ...or just throw it out to Kobo in hopes of getting Serene's Arrow or Celesta's Devotion.

New Monster: Typhonus!

  • A new divine monster rampages on Valeria. Gather your army and your divine items and take on this massive red polymorphing beast!
  • Toughest divine armor to date: 45% block, 0.18% deterioration rate which needs 250 divine power to completely get rid off.
  • Great new shinies: 9 pieces of new shinies to decorate your keep with.

New Divine Item: Trisoul Plate!

  • Collect a total of 22 pieces Typhonus' epics to create this even more shiny armor!
  • New BIS overall armor: 40/35 with 160 divine power, the highest divine power rating among all divine items to date!
    • Don't fret if you miss 4 of the 5 epic ingredients as the only other epic drop is an impressive 36/40 amulet (Blood Amulet of Typhonus, ranked 4th best amulet to date!)!

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