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Azriel, Angel of Wrath

May 21, 2010 by Vulcan

After making your way through the Kingdom of Heaven, you now meet face to face to with Azriel, the Angel of Wrath. What are her intentions? How is she related to Mephistopheles. To get your answers, you will need to defeat her!

Summon her once you get the Orb of Azriel from the Kingdom of Heaven!

Azriel boss

Random Information

  • Azriel, the Angel of Wrath is the final boss of the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Azriel uses the class system, like the Bahamuts.
  • There are three new Alchemy Recipes:
    • One is the Azriel Boss Summon (requires an Orb of Azriel).
    • One is to create a Blood Zealot, which is a soldier (Attack 40, Defense 40).
      • Requires an Avenging Mace (Rare drop from Azriel) : Weapon, (Attack 16, Defense 13),
      • Zealot Robes (Rare) : Armor, (Attack 25, Defense 12),
      • Blood Flask (Epic) : Amulet, (Attack 20, Defense 20). (Note, Blood Flask now gives +2 stamina bonus stats to Morrigan.)
    • The final one is to achieve Transcendence, which is an amulet (Attack 46, Defense 36).
  • There is new art for many of the purchasable soldiers. Most of the new art seems to be based on the pictures used for World monster Siege Weapons.

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