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Straight from Castle Age

Alpha Bahamut!

May 14, 2010 by Vulcan

Have you already taken down Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon? Well now he's back with a vengeance and is now stronger and angrier than ever. Prepare yourself for this will be a difficult challenge.

Summon Alpha Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon from the Alchemy Page!

Random Information

  • It is similar to a regular Bahamut, but is (presumably) stronger, and has a new drop class. It has the same Rare and Epic drops that regular bahamuts have, but they also have Legendary drops.
  • Legendary drops are:
    • Alpha Sea Serpents. These are units.
      • Alpha Emerald Sea Serpent 65/65
      • Alpha Sapphire Sea Serpent 70/70
      • Alpha Amethyst Sea Serpent 75/75
      • Alpha Ancient Sea Serpent 80/80
    • Alpha Bahamut Artifact. It is an alchemy ingredient. It is used to make Transcendence.
  • To summon an Alpha Bahamut, it requires 2 of each Volcanic Egg. (Regular Bahamuts only require 1 of each Volcanic Egg)
  • Alpha Bahamuts also use the class system. Any class levels or experience that you earned on a regular Bahamut counts for Alpha Bahamuts as well.
  • Alpha Bahamuts have different level limits than regular Bahamuts
    • 30 people level 1-49 people may join the battle
    • 30 people level 50-99
    • 30 people level 100-149
    • 60 people level 150+
  • On your monster page, this monster's name is, "Alpha Bahamut, The Volcanic Dragon", when fighting this monster, the monster's name is, "Volcanic King, Alpha Bahamut"; in your Alchemy Recipes page, it writes "Summon Alpha Bahamut, The Volcanic Dragon".
  • Alpha Bahamut is noticeably stronger than regular Bahamut. On average you will deal less damage to the Alpha Bahamut, and your healing/strengthening/dispelling/crippling will be less effective.
  • New Alchemy Recipe: Summon Alpha Bahamut
  • Those who wish to know about getting access to 10, 20, and 50 stamina power attacks should visit this page.
  • The Army page on your menu bar is now changed to Gift, and leads you to Send gifts tab instead of Invite tab.
  • Bahamut and Alpha Bahamut now have new sets of buttons. There are 4 sets of 2 buttons, which do 5, 10, 20, 50 stamina attacks and 10, 20, 40, 100 energy class ability uses.

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