Straight from Castle Age

Land of Mist III

March 24, 2011 by Vulcan

Your journey through the Land of Mist continues. There is a dark presence that lingers within you but you have little time to worry about that as you continue to track down the source of the scourge. Fight through the Land of Mist and confront a powerful foe.

Mist III banner

Random Information

  • New Quest Area
    • 10 New Main Quests and 1 Boss Quests
    • Main Quests only requires only 1-2 more Obsidian Items and Platinum Knights!
  • New Boss: Aurora!
    • After the lackey, comes the demi-god boss!
    • 8 brand new loot, 5 FP achievement and 3 SP Gold Medal award
  • New Alchemy Recipe: Heart of the Woods!
    • Combine 19 materials obtained from Aurora monster battle to obtain a new weapon!
    • 30 attack, 44 defense = New Best in Slot Weapon! + 120 Divine Power rating!

Other Updates

  • New Monthly General: Aethyx!
    • Rogue support general for Guild Battles/Monsters who increases Poison skill effect

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