Straight from Castle Age!

12/12/12 Conquest Update

-Land of Fire was locked today at 2pm. Existing battles have one day to finish.

-Land of Mist locks tomorrow at 2PM and will have one day to finish.

-Fortification contributions to Land of Fire lands: If any member of your guild logs into the game and loads the conquest page, the entirety of the guilds energy contributions to "fortifications" will be saved and backed up for use in upcoming Land of Earth fortifications. NOTE: Only ONE person from a guild is needed to trigger the save, everyone individually does not need to worry about it!

-Officers may use the stored energy in Land of Earth fortifications once the feature is release.

-All active monsters will transfer over from LoF to LoM. The expiration timer on the transferred land (as it is now a LoM land) will begin day of the merger.

-Sacked counters will not transfer (they will be removed).

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