Straight from Castle Age!

Limited Time Offer: Kingsguard Promo Pack!

Buy a single purchase of 120 FP or more and receive the following rewards:

  • 60 FP
  • 5000 Guilds Coins
  • 20 Skill Points
  • 200,000 Gold
  • 3000 Iron
  • 3000 Lumber
  • 1x Kingsguard Blade Item
  • 8x Hero Crystals
  • 5x Blue Hero XP Potions
  • 5x Red Hero XP Potions
  • 5x Green Hero XP Potions

Note: Only redeemable once per account.

Kingsguard ad

Limited Time Promotion!

For the next week players will be able to have double Conquest Path Shop collects each day. Take advantage of this offer while it still lasts!

Double collect ad

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