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Warrior Priestess, Sanna!

November 23, 2010 by Vulcan

New hero released for levels 170 and up! The warrior priestess, Sanna!

Sanna Staff of the Martyr Saintly Robes Crusaders Cross

Other Updates

New Guild Monster: Army of the Apocalypse

  • Fight the lovely CA girls Sylvana, Keira, Lotus and Azriel again but this time in a Guild Battle!

New Alchemy Recipes that boost up guild battle class abilities

  • Signet of Keira - Powers up Warrior class (Must have Keira as active general)
  • Signet of Lotus - Powers up Rogue class (Must have Lotus Ravenmoore as active general)
  • Signet of Sylvana - Powers up Mage class (Must have Sylvana as active general)
  • Signet of Azriel - Powers up Cleric class (Must have Azriel as active general)

Additional Item Bonuses for Sylvana and Keira!

  • Enchanted Lantern - +3 max stamina when Sylvana is equipped
  • Demon Strength - +2 attack to Keira

New Guild Shop Goodies!

  • Whirlwind (Warrior Class Exclusive) - attack more than one enemy at a time?
  • Evade (Rogue Class Exclusive) - chance to evade attacks and take 0 damage?
  • Polymorph (Mage Class Exclusive) - ???
  • Heal (Cleric Class Exclusive) - Able to heal an ally regardless for Tower at the cost of stamina

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