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Straight from Castle Age

Vincent the Vampire

October 28, 2010 by Vulcan

Lord of the Vampires, Vincent, has invaded the night! Engage him with your guildmates in a guild monster battle!

Random Information

  • Golden Eggs are no longer available to give as gifts.

The Man, The Vampire

  • Vincent is a monster. He is the first Guild Monster and can only be fought by guild members. There are 2 Vincent fights at this time: a regular Vincent fight and an Alpha Vincent fight.
  • For summoning: we don't need any item to summon him. There is a progress bar for each fight. Every click on the summon button will cost you 20 energy. It needs a certain amount of clicks to fulfill the bar so that you can fight him.
  • The monster fight is set up like a Guild Battle. Vincent has his own Guild filling up the North, East, West, and South gates.
  • We do not have to spend any stamina to join the battle. We don't use tokens but stamina to attack him. Each attack costs you 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 stamina, depends on your choice of attack and your stamina, like normal battle with other monsters.
  • Your health is 10 times normal. If you normally have 100 health, you will have 1,000 health for the Guild Monster fight.
  • Vincent appears as the first fighter in the North tower. For regular Vincent, he is a level 100 Rouge with ???/??? HP and his his army is mostly made up of people level 40-65. For Alpha Vincent, he is a level 500 rogue, with ???/??? HP, and his army is mostly made up of people level 140-150.
  • You do not pick your class at the beginning of the monster fight. You class will be whatever you have it set as for Guild Battles.
  • You can lay siege against Vincent (you can build siege weapons against him. You do not need to be in someone's guild to help build a siege weapon).
  • Only Deianira's ability works on this monster. Orc King, Barbarus, Kaiser, Lotus...'s ability does not have any effect.
  • Vincent has loot. Regular Vincent has Rare and Epic loot. Only Alpha Vincent has Legendary loot.
    • Rare
      • Crimson Cloak (New Armor)
      • Skeleton Knight (New Soldier)
      • Greater Werewolf (New Soldier)
      • Mark of the Empire
      • Zenarean Bow
      • Arcanist
      • Hellkite Minion
    • Epic
      • Exsanguinator (32-22)
      • Bloodlord Plate (26-14)
      • Swarm of Darkness (20-16)
      • Gladiator
      • Orc Champion
    • Legendary
      • Vincents Soul ( Amulet)
      • Bloodwell Pendant (28-28)
      • Volcanic Ruby
      • Volcanic Topaz
      • Volcanic Sapphire
      • Volcanic Emerald
      • Flame Invoker
  • You have 168 hours to win the Guild Battle.
  • Vincent's Guild does not attack you on their own.
  • Vincent is a general. At level 1 his attack is 22 and his defense is 16.


  • New Alchemy Recipe: Create Vincent to Join your Army!
    • Makes Vincent one of your Heroes
    • Requires:
      • Vincents Soul
      • Exsanguinator
      • Bloodlord Plate
      • Bloodwell Pendant
      • Crimson Cloak
      • Swarm of Darkness
  • New Alchemy Recipe: Create Zarevok Plate
    • Requires:
      • 2 Gargoyle Statues
      • 2 Bull Totems
      • 2 Rhino Horns
    • Makes a Zarevok Plate (4/9, + 3 defense when Zarevok is Equipped)
    • Alchemical Components available from the new gift: Mystery Plate Gift

War Ranks

Just noticed new War Ranks (I think it came with the Guild Monster Update)

  • Rank 13 - Lieutenant Warchief Reward: Skill point
  • Rank 14 - Warchief Reward: Skill point
  • Rank 15 - High Warchief Reward: Orc Chieftain


  • Despite Vincent the Frugal's extreme popularity, this update is not an homage to him
  • Vincent the Vampire may be a reference to Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7, who you find in a coffin, which is a place you often find vampires.
  • Vincent the Vampire may be a reference to Vincent Price, a great horror film actor.

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