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Golden Egg Favor Point Promotion!

October 18, 2010 by Vulcan

New golden egg favor point promotion! Collect more golden eggs for bigger rewards! The promotion will end next Wednesday, October 27th at 10PM PST so make sure to collect as many eggs as possible before then!

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Golden Egg

  • Major Note 1: Oct. 24th witnessed one of either cases; CA glitch in the Golden Egg promotion that allowed a"re-do" (up to another 30 FP), or CA became generous to the point that they are giving away 60 FPs just like that without any announcements! Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do NOT ignore your stock of eggs, simply collect them and keep any eye on the timer for the end of this fiesta; in case a player already collected his first 30 FPs then, this player must continue visiting homepage of the game, in case it pops up again at the same exact place.
  • Major Note 2: Oct. 25th, an additional 30 FP claimer was allowed! This make the total Favor Points giveaway 90 FP! 30 FPs per day for those who collected the maximum (100+ per Golden Eggs per day).

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