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Straight from Castle Age!


October 7, 2011 by Vulcan

The time for judgement has come! New quest land, Perdition!


Random Information

New Quest Area: Perdition!

  • After conquering Malekus, Celesta gave you a hug at end right? Apparently not and Azeron was just pulling a fast one on you! Journey in this new land, trying to cleanse your damned soul as the Redeemer demi-god instructs. Earn skill points on your way to your 5th demi god battle.

New Monster: Azeron!

  • Although Malekus brushed him away with ease in Pangaea, Azeron is not to be meddled with in his own lair. Packing the toughest divine armor to date at 45%, 295 divine power. See if you can break through what is more unbreakable than Alexandra.
  • Redeem yourself against Azeron and be awarded with 7 new shinies including a new boot for those who ignored HoD!

New Divine Item: Armor of Redemption!

  • Complete your soul cleansing and Redemption by alchemizing this powerful new item. At 45/38 with 180 divine power, no wonder Azeron was a bit tough to crack.

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