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Straight from Castle Age!

Piercing/Resistance Update

- Existing weapons with pierce/physical resistance (mainly the Conquest Path and Legendary Items) increased in power with higher Pierce/Physical Resistance.

- Existing Ingots increased in power.

Bronze Ingot - 15 Pierce/Physical Resistance --> 25 Pierce/Physical Resistance Bronze Ingots - 25 Pierce/Physical Resistance --> 35 Pierce/Physical Resistance Silver Ingots - 35 Pierce/Physical Resistance --> 45 Pierce/Physical Resistance

- Elemental Gems had Pierce/Physical Resistance added to them.

Example: +15 Fire Offense Gem now has +15 Fire Offense, -15 Water Offense, +15 Pierce Example: +15 Fire Defense Gem now has +15 Fire Defense, -15 Water Defense, +15 Physical Resistance

Pierce update

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