Straight from Castle Age!

General Widget Update, CTAs, and more

We're releasing an update before the weekend and wanted to share with everyone what it's all about:

- New Pinning feature for General select widget. Pinned generals are now at the default sort. Clicking the small box next to the general of your choice will pin it as a favorite. When sorting through pinned generals the game will keep them at the top.

- Most recently used Generals added to the sort function.

- 20 Loadouts now available. You can cycle in groups of 5 on the top right widget, or click the dropdown to immediately select the loadout you want. You may now rename your loadouts up to 4 characters on the loadouts page.

- New CTA mechanic for Alperon. Now there is a button with three increments. Each click will launch one assist to the siege weapon. Each player may do this three times per siege weapon. After the siege weapon is launched, you may then again contribute three new siege assist. Each assist costs stamina, ranging from 1, 50 and 250. We will test this feature out and proceed from there.

-iOS now has siege information above the damage leaderboard for monsters.

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