Straight from Castle Age!

3rd Party Tool and Apps

Third Party Tools are Illegal

We have been receiving a lot of feedback lately about 3rd-party tools and apps, so we wanted to clarify a few things:

- Based on feedback we'll be adding features used in the tools directly in the game, such as simplified Class & Equipment screens. There is a limit to what we might offer though. If 3rd party apps make the experience more enjoyable by giving unfair advantages, that will be considered cheating.

- With the exception of CTAs, Monster Codes, and Army Codes, which are meant to be shared amongst friends, anything that attempts to bypass the interface given to perform actions is cheating. Use of Autoplayers is also cheating.

- Keep links and add me links will be tolerated for now, but using scripts to manipulate them will not be.

- The methods to stop the cheaters are the same methods to stop the scripters. We will be handing out a number of suspensions today.

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