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Item Archives Update

There are three new archives, one corresponding to each of the first three chests: Alpha, Vanguard, and Onslaught.

It is possible to gain up to 80 extra skill points out of this update without rolling any chests:
10x2 for Water Elemental (drops from Sylvanas, Mephistopheles, Frost dragon, Lotus Ravenmoore, and Emerald Dragon),
10x2 for Rune Axe (Emerald dragon, Ancient Red dragon, Emerald serpent, Ancient serpent, Lotus),
10x2 for Lightbringer (Frost dragon, Sapphire serpent),
10x2 for Crystal Rod (Emerald dragon, Emerald serpent).
The rest are chest-exclusive.

Items from the Alpha archive appear to give +2 attack apiece, Vanguard +3 defense each and Onslaught +4 attack per item owned.

Castle Age Game Tips post about the update

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