Monster Stance is a system in Castle Age that is only applied in Monster Hunting versus specific monsters as specified below. There are 3 types of Hero Stance:

Aggressive stance
Icons agressive-0
Defensive stance
Icons defensive
Balanced stance
Icons balanced-0

Game Description

Monster Stance

Equal or surpass the monster stance difficulty rating to enable extra benefits. Your equipped hero type determines the benefit and the hero stance power is determined by the sum of the hero level and same type heroes in alliance with him.

Defensive alliances increase the critical stance bar which gives a flat percentage increase to the chance to get a critical hit.

Offensive alliances increase the damage bar and the damage done by every attack.

Balanced alliances reduce the rate at which the critical and damage bars decay. Damage added through these bars does not count towards the minimum threshold to receive rewards.

Once you reach a level on either bar, you have a limited time to reach the next level. When the timer ends or when the bar decays back to the start, the bar will reset to the starting value.

Ultimate Mode

Get both the damage and critical bars to max level to unlock ultimate attack mode. When ultimate attack mode is activated, players have a limited time to take advantage of vastly increased damage and critical chance before both bars reset to their starting values.

Calculation of your Stance

Your Monster Stance is calculated by the level of your general/hero.

For example when battling a Monster Stance Monster:
A 4 lvl Aggressive general will give you 4 Monster Aggressive stance.
A 4 lvl Defensive general will give you 4 Monster Defensive stance.
A 4 lvl Balanced general will give you 4 Monster Balanced stance.

If your hero is a General Master of a General Alliance then only his Monster Stance changes. The change is determined by the sum of his/her level with the hero level of the linked general with the same Stance.
example 1) 13lvl Aggressive General Master + 5 Level Aggressive 2nd link + 2 lvl Aggressive 3rd link equals 13+5+2=20 level Aggressive Stance.
example 2) 7lvl Aggressive General Master + 8 Level Defensive 2nd link + 14 lvl Aggressive 3rd link equals 7+0+14=21 level Aggressive Stance. (Since your Master General is Aggressive, you don't count the level of the Defensive hero in the General Alliance)
example 3) 8lvl Defensive General Master + 5 Level Balanced 2nd link + 2 lvl Balanced 3rd link equals 8+0+0=8 level Balanced Stance.(Since your Master General is Defensive, you don't count the level of the Balanced heroes in the General Alliance)

Attacking a Monster Stance Monster

While attacking, players have the opportunity to gain bonuses by attacking all at once. When attacking, if a player's equipped Alliance Stance exceeds the monster's stance difficulty rating, the amount of stamina used is added to the corresponding bar.

Damage added through these bars does not count towards the minimum threshold to receive rewards. A player's total damage towards loot can be observed as their Contribution total.

Monsters using Monster Stance

Cronus Monster Combat System

The following monsters use the Monster Stance system:


  • The system was first introduced with the release of Cronus Astaroth on October 20, 2014.

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