This is a list of all the features that are on the Facebook game, and not on the app, and bugs that are on the App that cause interference with gameplay.

Missing Features

Major Issues


  • War battles are currently missing.
  • Conquest Duels (and conquest as a whole) are not implemented.


  • Monster Raid Battles are missing.
  • Festival Monsters (along with festival as a whole) are not present.
  • When you collect loot, the loot needs to stay up because most of the time the app crashes at collection and you DON'T know what you've won.


  • Guild Conquest Battles are missing.
  • Kobo is missing
  • Kull is missing
  • Karn is missing.

Minor Issues


  • Ability to see and find out about Divine Items is non-existent.
  • When attacking a monster, equipment being used does not show up.


  • Ability to select class specific gear for battle is missing.
  • Ability to see guild achievements is not available.


Major Issues


  • Festival Monsters activated on Facebook do not show up on the iPhone Monster listings.


  • Facebook accounts cannot be added using the army code.

Minor Issues


  • Sometimes the App crashes (all data is lost).


  • Sometimes in the Blacksmith in the Soldier category, the number of special troops you have are all stuck on one number.
  • You cannot sell soldiers, equipment, or magic as you can in FB


  • After a guild battle, when collecting, the message "Too many people are collecting, try again later" showes up. However, the COLLECT icon states that you have collected (sometimes coins are received sometimes not).


  • Facebook accounts cannot access the HIRE tab on the ARMY page. It can still be accessed, however, by trying to add someone to your army via clicking on their name and adding them.


  • Although the ALL option for gifts show up, it only sends the gift to a certain number of people at the top of your army. (As of 12/12/2012 the limit per gift send on IOS is 20 - test for yourself) 


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