Castle Age Spreadsheets

A Castle Age Spreadsheet is a spreadsheet (usually made with Microsoft Excel) that contains a whole bunch of useful information. You tell the spreadsheet the things that you own, and it will tell you how to optimize what you have, or what you need to do to achieve certain goals. Once a spreadsheet tells you what you need to do, come back to the wiki to learn how to do it.

Pegasus Released Castle Age Spreadsheet

  • Download it here: (Megaupload is no longer online.)
  • The spreadsheet is made using Microsoft Excel 2007. If you are using Microsoft Excel 2003 (found in the Microsoft Office 2003 suite), you need to download this converter from Microsoft in order to use it. If you are using the new Microsoft Office 2010 is perfectly compatible and when you save is automatically upgrade to the new format. Pay attention to the new setting about security and macros introduced in this new version, maybe you need to change the settings to allow editing and for using the macros.
  • If you use Office 2003, you will get some error messages when using the spreadsheet, but overall, the spreadsheet still works well.
  • You shouldn't run into problems if you use OpenOffice's Calc (an Excel-like program).

NB: the last version is 4.01 03FEB11.

Castle Age Monster Damage/Loot, Goblin Emporium, and Chest Rolls Spreadsheet

Goz's Castle Age Spreadsheet

  • Find the Facebook page here:
  • It was created in Excel 2010 and to make everything work you will need that version or newer
  • There is also a version for Open Office. This was converted from the Excel version, so I can not guarantee that everything will work in it.
  • Version 2014.10.16 uploaded
  • 2/10/2014: Version 1.09 has been uploaded
  • 4/13/2014: Version 1.10 has been uploaded

Goz's Castle Age: Heart Of Darkness Spreadsheet

  • Find the Facebook page here:
  • It was created in Excel 2010 and to make everything work you will need that version. Older versions should still work well
  • There are also versions for Open Office and Google. These were converted from the Excel version, so I can not guarantee that everything will work in them.

Castle Age Groups

Right now we are looking for more Castle Age groups, and links to their homepage/Facebook page/forums/whatever their main location is. The following are a list of known groups, with unknown homepages:

  • Castle Age Army Add
  • Castle Age Army Premier Recruit Center
  • Castle Age Chronics
  • Castle Age Fanatics
  • Castle Age Treasure Seekers
  • Dragon Achievement
  • Warrior's Pride

If you create a subsection below for a group, please do so in the section that best describes the group. If you are a monster slaying group that also socializes, please put it in the monster slaying section. Also, when adding a group, add the group in alphabetical order. Many of the groups below were described by Vincent, who isn't in many of these groups. If you wish to add something to a group description, feel free to do so.

Monster Slaying Groups


Festival Monsters

Festival Tower 1 monster kill group

Festival Monsters Tower II

Festival Tower 2 monster kill group

Castle Age Helpers Army (CAHA)

This is a group of people who kill monsters together.

Castle Age Monster Slayers

This is a group of people who kill monsters together.

Castle Age Speed Kill Group

The Castle Age Speed Kill Group is a group of people who specialize in speed kills and getting Gold Medals for monsters. All monsters are scheduled, and announced at the beginning of each week so that you can plan (and be ready) for which monsters you want to fight.

Dragon Slayers United (DSU)

The DSU is a group of people who kill monsters together. Monsters are mostly not scheduled, but they have a few ground rules in terms of summoning monsters. Don't summon a monster if the group is currently killing the same kind of monster already (don't summon a Genesis when the group is already fighting a Genesis). Any "Alpha" monsters or similar (like Azriel), should be scheduled in advance, and if possible, not summoned when another Alpha-like monster is still alive. All members are expected to help with all siege weapons, even for monsters you aren't actively fighting. They make it easy to siege the monsters, and when you summon a monster, you have the full support of the DSU to help you with your sieges.

Mythical Creature Slayers

This is a monster slaying group. They have a copy of Lenna's guide of the basics of Castle Age.

Order of the Black Hand (OBH)

This is a monster slaying group. Only members know more about them.

Castle Age Monster Destroyer Squad

This is a monster slaying group. The wall is set up to assist with a critical 20 hours or less. The discussion board is available for all monsters types for 20 hours and above. There is also a topic for mass adds and add me's one by one. Currently at 56 k members a great site for helping with a critical and finding the specific monster you are looking to attack. It is also very organized and has just about anything you are looking for. Also known as CAMDS

☼SSL☼ Sentinels of Silver Light

This is a monster slaying group. They Mainly only fight member battles.

☼SSL☼ Sentinels of Silver Light


This is a monster slaying, assisting with clicks and slayers, have 2 guilds, and Team battles group with almost 700 members.

PvP Groups

Chain Gang

This is a group of PvP enthusiasts, who like to chain people. Here is a list of requirements to join:

  • General attitude towards the game accounts for the largest part of what we will use to decide. We want people that enjoy the game, that do not whine and moan about everything, that do not take in game action personally without a good reason, and that respect other members/players. Now this doesn't mean that we think you shouldn't chain attack, because we do. ;)
  • BSI (Battle strength Index) of at least 5 to start. This is figured by taking your (attack+defense)/level. A BSI of 5 is a good starting point, but we do encourage this to be higher because it is a good indicator of your PvP ability within your level bracket. Please do not include bonuses from generals in the calculation.
  • A Win% of about 70% based on KEEP STATS and not achievement stats. This is figured by taking (wins/(wins+losses))x100. 70% is where I consider a person to be a good PvPer if they do not hide.
  • You must join our email add list. For the longevity of the group, and so members are more at ease with each other, we require that all members add each other. The email list is the best way to go about this that I have found. Don't worry, the email list is only viewable by members that have been approved to see the sanctum (member only area).
  • Mastery of the game basics is also required. Basically, I'll scout your keep. If you have been playing for a few months, you will have some crystals, some epic loot, and PvP record with activity. We do not ask much from this other than you have played enough to have the basics down.


Social Groups

Ye Olde Itchy & Scratchy Dragon Hunters Guild(e) TM

One of the first of the Monster Hunting Groups but it soon devolved into an informational clearing house and training guilde for other guild leaders... Run by the Gnome it is an OPEN group anyone can join and leave and most members belong to other groups also. The Main reason to join is to get the Information E-mails that come out whenever the Gnome is not asleep too much... the other reason is to get assistance in working out disputes with other guildes as basically the GUILD(E) is well known Nuetral Territory and the Gnome is too inoffensive to worry anybody too much. So if you have a monster to kill... Information to Share or need Nuetral Third Party help for your interguild issues... come to the Gnome and his Orchish Law Firm of Dewey Cheatem And Howe (btw anything your dwarven miners may have said regarding The Gnome is LIBEL)

Castle Age Legends

Castle Age Legends is one of the oldest Castle Age groups around. They are made up of people who know how to play the game, and many of its players are legends... or at least very well known and respected on the forums.

As of this writing, the current requirements to join are:

  • You must be at least AROUND LEVEL 200 with at least Rank 16 (Baron)
  • They must also have a plus battle record of 10,000 wins. (AKA win minus losses =10,000+)
  • They must hold ALL of the ARTIFACTS. (Crystals, Map of Atlantis)
  • They must also have 4 months minimum playing experience and know why they want to join the group .

Other Useful Links

The Cronus Helper

Founded when siege weapons were first introduced into the game, the Cronus Helper is a tool to find people to help on siege weapons. Add your link to their page, and people will help you with siege weapons. If you are looking for monsters to fight, or need to help build siege weapons for the achievement, this is the place to go. The Cronus Helper

Castle Age Tools

CA-Tools is a useful bookmarklet that works in Firefox and Chrome (and maybe other browsers).

It has a number of useful features (see more...)


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