Bonus Attack and Damage in Guild Monsters and Battles.
Rune Bonus
Class: All


Level Effect Obtained From
I +1 Attack and Defense Power Stone Gift Promotion
II +2 Attack and Defense Power Stone Gift Promotion
III +3 Attack and Defense Power Stone Gift Promotion
IV +4 Attack and Defense Power Stone Gift Promotion


  • Might functions like the Warrior class ability. When equipped, it boosts the attack and defense of the player using it per duel, regardless of a win or loss.

General Boost

  • None

Special Inclusion

  • None


  • You could attempt to boost the Warrior class neutral ability with this. If you have Keira's Warrior class bonus and Might IV, you could conceivably gain up to +17 attack and defence per duel.


  • The bonus given by this power is negligible, and wastes a slot that could be filled by a superior ability. Any class is probably better off with any of their other abilities.


  • The picture in the ability is the biceps of the soldier Monk Warrior. The gloves also seems to be Brawler Gloves
  • Although the ability says Bonus Attack and Damage, there is no bonus damage given by this skill, only attack and defense boost.
  • This ability was a promotional offer, and as such is no longer available.

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