Mass Heal
Mass Heal
Heals up to 5 people (up to 2 away from the main target), with further players getting healed less.
Rune Bonus
On Major Heal, Heal target for additional amount equal to the caster's Health rune.
Class: Cleric


Level Effect Obtained From
I 35% heal to immediate neighbors, 10% heal to 2nd neighbors. Guild Shop
II 40% heal to immediate neighbors, 15% heal to 2nd neighbors. Guild Shop
III 45% heal to immediate neighbors, 20% heal to 2nd neighbors. Guild Shop
IV 50% heal to immediate neighbors 25% heal to 2nd neighbors. Guild Shop
V 55% heal to immediate neighbors, 30% heal to 2nd neighbors.

Heals main target for 110 to 210 + Health Rune Bonus

Guild Shop


  • Action cast on ally. Costs 2 tokens.

General Boost

General Comment
Vivian the Eternal Vivian the Eternal +4% to Mass Heal
(at Level 4)

Special Inclusion

  • Mass Heal Level I needs to be purchased before Level II, and so on.
  • Players are limited in the level they can purchase by the level of their Cleric class - you must have Cleric 4 to purchase Mass Heal 4, for example.


  • Mass Heal always gives a major heal, so this spell allows clerics to heal any guild member (with over 200 HP at the time of use) with some success.


  • Mass heal can heal target's neighbours even they are down to 0. Hence this spell can be used to restore a gate even if all clerics in this gate were out.
  • Much more effective if the heal amount to neighbors is over 200. Most effective if the heal amount to 2nd neighbors is over 200.


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