Guardian magdalena
"With her trust betrayed, Magdalena is consumed with her jealousy for all other living beings."
Special Ability
Increase Player Attack by X for every 5 Broken Promises (Max 25 attack)
Recruit Method
Awakening Chest Epic

Stats & Levels

Level Attack Defense Ability
1 17 16 +0.4 Player Attack
2 18 17 +0.6 Player Attack
3 19 18 +0.8 Player Attack
4 20 19 +1 Player Attack
SET 22 19 +1 Player Attack

Associated Equipment

Vicious Magdalenas Wrath

Vicious Magdalenas Wrath (8 Attack, 9 Defense) - Weapon
Item Bonus: +2 Attack to Magdalena

Deadly Boots of the Forlorn

Deadly Boots of the Forlorn (5 Attack, 6 Defense) - Boots
Item Bonus:
Terrifying Magdalenas Sorrow (11 Attack, 6 Defense) - Helm Item Bonus:

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