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This is a new feature of Land of Mist following the defeat of monsters resulting from a HARD Explore

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When exploring in Land of Mist you are now given two options - Normal explore and Hard explore. If you choose Hard explore you will be given between one and three monsters (combination of Cronus Astaroth, Vargulis, Samael, ??) to defeat.

Once the land has been cleared there is a normal 24hr collect period. At the end of the 24hr collect, the land will either convert to the normal 48hr protected mode OR generate a legendary mine monster (Ouroboros)


Monster ouroboros large

You have 168 hours to complete the battle before he flees.

Basic Information

Ouroboros has 2.5 Billion health. Only guild members may participate in the battle. Of these participants, only a set number can participate based on that player's level at the time of joining the battle.

  • 100 people levels 500+
  • 40 people levels 150-499
  • 20 people levels 100-149

This battle uses the Monster Stance and Piercing/Resistance systems.

Ouroboros did get a breakpoint (minimum atk/def to see an increase in damage or healing) added some time after launch. At the end of Feb 2016, the best available estimate was 3975 def (It is known the break point is at least 3950, and that 4237 is well over. The stance healing model suggests it is under 4000), but atk could be slightly higher (4200?).


Ouroboros has Piercing Resistances, and Wind Weaknesses.

  • Main Body: -50 Wind Resistance, +100 Piercing Resistance

Monster Combat System

Ouroboros uses a similar monster combat system to the Astaroth/Vargulis/Samael) where players have the opportunity to gain bonuses by attacking all at once. When attacking, if a player's equipped Alliance Stance exceeds the monster's stance difficulty rating, the monster battle will receive points equal to the amount of stamina used.

Your equipped hero type determines the benefit type and the hero stance power is determined by the sum of the hero level and same type heroes in alliance with him.

Defensive alliances increase the critical stance bar which gives a flat percentage increase to the chance to get a critical hit. Offensive alliances increase the damage bar and the damage done by every attack. Balanced alliances reduce the rate at which the critical and damage bars decay. Damage added through these bars does not count towards the minimum threshold to receive rewards. A player's total damage towards loot can be observed as their Contribution total.

The Critical stance bar and Damage bar give static percentages once certain amounts are reached, as noted in the table below. When one level is filled, the next level starts from zero, and the corresponding bonus is activated for thirty minutes or until the current level goes below zero points. When the bonus expires, the bar starts from level zero. If the player's equipped stance is greater than the difficulty rating, the amount of stamina used is added to the corresponding bar. Ouroboros's stance difficulty rating is 30.

Level Point Range Damage Boost Critical Boost
0 0-250 0% 0%
1 0-750 10% 2%
2 0-1500 20% 4%
3 0-3000 30% 6%
MAX 0-9,999,999 50% 8%

*Levels 2-MAX not verified

Siege Weapons 

While fighting Ouroboros, there are 5 siege weapons that can be launched to deal extra damage.

Name Clicks Damage Dealt

%HP Dealt

Valerian Soldiers 10 64,000,000
Elven Rangers 20 80,000,000
Dwarven Militia 30 96,000,000
Archer Allies 40 112,000,000
Gray Wizards 50 128,000,000
Totals 150



On summoning - no text

Ouroboros Slain 

The Desert Wastes are home to many monsters where they lurk and multiply unchecked by heroes. One such monster is Ouroboros, once an ordinary snake until it attacked an unfortunate wizard crossing the desert. The dying wizard cursed the serpent to an eternity of endless agony and the fell magics transformed the snake into the monster Ouroboros. Unable to die, the snake wandered the wastes devouring all it came across and slowly growing in size and power.

Over the centuries, its mind grew along with its body and it developed a intelect twisted by the constant pain. It learned to hate and despise wizards because of the curse and made a special point of hunting them whenever they ventured into the wastes. Eventually, travelers learned to avoid the wastes and the number of wizards venturing through them dwindled to nothing. Rumors grew of a unknown horror that lurked within the wastes and even the most stalwart travelers found alternate paths.

With no more wizards to devour, Ourobros has ventured out of the wastes seeking more wizards to vent its rage upon. Though you are tempted to let it eat some of the finger wagglers to teach the rest an important lesson about overly dramatic death curses, you feel like you should kill the overgrown snake before it starts eating everyone.

Gathering your allies, including a group of nervous wizards, you head out to stop the serpent's rampage. It is easy to follow the track of the serpent by the trail of destroyed mage towers and ruined academies. Eventually you come across the worm near an abandoned mine and lay a cunning trap. Ordering the protesting mages to the mine entrance, you hide the rest of your army nearby. It does't take long before Ouroboros take the bait and moves to the old mine.

As it moves to devour the mages, the rogues and warriors strike from the flank while your mages and clerics attempt to magically bind it in place. The battle appears to be going well until the magics holding the serpent at bay suddenly fail. It seems that it has acquired a resistance to magic after its years of devouring wizards. With no time to spare, you interpose yourself between the creature and the now panicking wizards. While it is focused on the tasty, panicking, treats behind you, you ram your sword straight into its belly dealing its deathblow.

With Ouroboros dead, the grateful wizards promise to enchant the abandoned mine to ensure a rich yield. You accept reasoning that at least this will keep them occupied and not making ill-conceived uncontrollable abominations or whatever it is that wizards do in their free time.


Rewards While Fighting Ouroboros

108 Attack Essence

Rewards After Slaying Ouroboros

Rare Drops Epic Drops Legendary Drops
Shield of Endless Cycles Shield of Endless Cycles Off-Hand: Attack:30 Defense:70
Item Bonus: +25 Earth Pierce, -10 Water Resistance, +50 Physical Pierce

Helm of the Sorcerer-King Helm of the Sorcerer-King Helmet: Attack:100 Defense:90
Item Bonus: 2 Slots, +15 Earth Pierce, -5 Water Resistance, +50 Physical Pierce
Sandworm Gloves Sandworm Gloves Gloves: Attack:60 Defense:40
Item Bonus: 2 Slots, +15 Earth Pierce, -5 Water Resistance, +25 Physical Pierce.
Wormhide Breastplate Wormhide Breastplate Armor: Attack:60 Defense:125
Item Bonus: 1 slots, +25 Earth Pierce,
-10 Water Resistance, +75 Physical Pierce

Mark of Paxadrian Mark of Paxadrian Amulet: Attack:80 Defense:70
Item Bonus: +25 Earth Pierce, -10 Water Resistance
Spirit Ouroboros Spirit of Ouroboros Magic: Attack:55 Defense:55
Item Bonus: +10 Earth Pierce, -5 Water Resistance, +5 Physical Pierce

Green Wurm Skin Green Wurm Skin

Blue Wurm Skin Blue Wurm Skin

Brown Wurm Skin Brown Wurm Skin

Blue Wurm Eye Blue Wurm Eye

Green Wurm Eye Green Wurm Eye

Fang Trident Fang Trident Weapon: Attack:125 Defense:70
Item Bonus: 2 Slots, +50 Physical Pierce, +15 Earth Pierce, -25 Wind Resistance

Loot Damage Threshold

The estimates here are derived from user contributions to the Ouroboros Loot Spreadsheet  and other in house data. You can help improve these estimates by adding your own loot reports to the spreadsheet.

  • The 99% thresholds are estimates based on what has been reported so far. No player or dev should ever guarantee you a drop of any quality for any damage to any monster.
  • The Contribution Points (CPs) DO matter as per a post by the dev KORE on the forums. What role that plays in unclear.


Rare drops are based on activity (labeled "Damage"). Please note data is HIGHLY incomplete on Ouroboros - we need hundreds of data points to give true 99% thresholds. So our numbers here are based on a combination of various in-house drop data, and on the Vargulis thresholds.

  • 1 Rare Drop
    • starts: 11.4 million
    • High Chance: 14 million (99% estimate)
  • 2 Rare Drops
    • starts: 21.1 million
    • High Chance: 58.6 million (99% estimate)
  • 3 Rare Drops
    • starts: 62.2 million 
    • High Chance: 85.2 million (99% estimate)
  • 4 Rare Drops (removed in last update?)
    • starts:105.2 million
    • 99%: Does not Exist


Epic drops are based on activity (labelled "Damage"); 14.9M CP required.

  • 1 Epic Drop
    • starts: 16.7 million 
    • High Chance: 38 million (estimate)
  • 2 Epic Drops
    • starts: 50.5 million 
    • High Chance: 63 million (estimate)
  • 3 Epic Drops
    • starts: 90.9 million 
    • High Chance: 144 million (estimate)


Legendary drops are based on activity (labelled "Damage")101.7M CP required.

  • 1 Legendary Drop
    • starts: 125.0 million
    • 99%: 225M (some suggestion that this was recently raised to 250M+ for 100%) *Data in spreadsheet does not support this claim. 1/2017

GOLD: No gold medal award exists for Ouroboros

Source: Castle Age Monsters Damage/Loot Spreadsheet

Use these text strings to post DMG needed in monster chat:

  • 1 Rare 14M, 2 rare 59M, 3 rare 86M, 4 rare ???
  • 1 Epic 38M, 2 epic 63M, 3 epic 144M; Legendary 225M, 101.7M CP needed

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