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This was the Main Quest 4 in the Facebook version until around May 28, 2010.

Main Quest 4: Falls of Jiraya

A giant Hydra has taken abode underneath the falls of Jiraya. It has been growing constantly for the last few weeks, gorging on the unlucky men who happen to wander by. Twenty heads rests on its shoulders, with new ones sprouting out weekly. Rid the falls of this disturbance.

General Required Strider


Energy Required 7
Soldiers Required Knight x1 Knight
Cleric x1 Cleric
Experience Gain 8
Experience/Energy 1.14
Average Gold Gain 3,700
Gold/Energy 529
Quest Completions Before 100% Influence 10

Sub-Quest 1: Slay Hydra Kin

General Required Any
Energy Required 8
Experience Gain 10
Experience/Energy 1.25
Average Gold Gain 5,500
Gold/Energy 688
Quest Completions Before 100% Influence 5

Sub Quest 2: Fight the Hydra Queen

General Required Any
Energy Required 6
Experience Gain 8
Experience/Energy 1.33
Average Gold Gain 3,250
Gold/Energy 542
Quest Completions Before 100% Influence 6

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