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Guild Battle is a PvP battle on a large scale. It has the aspects of Invading, Dueling, War and Classes rolled into one.

Guilds battle other guilds. The troops who will battle consist of the players from the guilds themselves instead of soldiers found in the Town list. Battles between players are carried out via duels. There are 4 Gates in Guild Battles and players can be assigned to each one of them. Guild Masters and Officers are the only ones who can set up Gate Formations of their own guild.

The goal is to eliminate the entire army of the other guild. If ever either guild is unable to defeat their opponent entirely when the 5-hour timer expires, the guild with the most members still above 200 health with respect to their number of members (aka based on percentage ex. 4/5 vs. 20/100 the guild of 5 wins) will be declared the victors.

You may only have one auto battle going at one time. There is a nine hour wait between when battles can be called.

Starting Guild Battles Edit

Only Guild Masters and Officers can initiate Guild Battles. Guild Masters and Officers have the option to be matched with another guild or pick a guild off of the battle list.

Guild Battle2

Regular members will only see the image to the right. If no battle is occurring, it will be locked and unavailable.

Battle List Edit

Each Guild matchup will be based on both Guild Size and Guild Pts. If your guild does not find a match within the 5-minute period, it will be submitted to be matched up in the next 5-minute interval.

Rules Edit

  • Battle lasts 5 hours or until all players on one side are below 200 health.
  • Only guild master and officers can start offensive battles.
  • Requires 20 Stamina to join battle (After battle, Exp gain will be 1 ~ 1.5x ). Players are awarded 10 Battle Tokens upon entry.
  • Players Health are multiplied by 10.
  • Guild Battles uses the Dueling fight setup.
  • Each duel uses a Battle Token.
  • Battle Tokens are earned at the rate 1 every 6 minutes (max of 10).
  • Can store up to 10 Battle Tokens at a time.
  • Character class must be picked before battle starts. You will be joining the battle with the class you were when the battle is started by Guild Officer/Master. You are not allowed to change after battles starts.
  • Max of 60 battle tokens per battle (50 tokens in 5 hours + starting 10 tokens).
  • Rewards have to be collected within 9 hours from the END of the guild battle.
  • Players with activity points are the only ones who will be rewarded.
  • Members of the winning guild will get 10% more rewards.
  • Both sides gain 10% Guild Coins bonus for manual collection [July 2014].
  • If ever the battle ends in a double KO (i.e. the last hit resulted in everyone below 200 health), no winner will be declared and the 10% bonus will not be given to either guild.
  • There are 2 types of health in guild wars. The first is Guild battle health. This is an individual player's health based on their character's health. The other is Guild health. These are the bars at top of battle section. This is based on number of players in the guild. When a player is knocked below 200 health they are removed from guild health. However, if a player comes back above 200 health they will be added back to the guild health bar.

- iOS devices:

  • Battle lasts 2 hours or until all players on one side are below 200 health.
  • Requires 20 or 15 Stamina to join battle, up to your GM active. After battle, Exp gain will be 1 ~ 1.5x and Players are awarded 10 Battle Tokens upon entry.
  • Token generate each 5 minutes and max is 10/10.
  • Other rules follow that of the Festival Battle's.

Character Classes Edit

Main article: Guild Class

Status Edit

A player's status in a Guild Battle depends on the amount of Health he/she has left.

Healthy 801+ Health
Good 601 - 800 Health
Fair 401 - 600 Health
Weakened 1 - 400 Health
Stunned 0 Health

Stunned players are still allowed to attack but lose their class passive ability and their damage output is cut in half. Clerics can revive guildmates from stunned status by winning or using the power Revive/Resurrect, allowing their guildmates to again use their abilities and deal full damage again.

Celesta cannot heal health in guild battles. Clerics should play wisely and not go all out offensively if their opponents are strong and are playing effectively, since they are the only ones who can heal and revive their allies.

Activity Points Edit

Activity Points are points players receive for actively participating in battle. They are awarded by spending tokens (attacking). Activity Points are not awarded on a defensive duel victory. The number of points players can get per token depends on the opponents level as well as the result of the duel. Players will get:

  • 50 Activity Points for using a token while being polymorphed or confused
  • 135 Activity Points for using a skill
  • 100 Activity Points for a loss
  • 160 Activity Points for a win or successful buff apply against lower level players (< Your level * 80%)
  • 200 Activity Points for a win or successful buff apply against someone who is within your level range (BETWEEN >= Your level * 80% AND <= Your level * 120%)
  • 240 Activity Points for a win or successful buff apply against someone who is above your level range (> Your level * 120%)

The maximum number of Activity Points one can possibly receive in a Guild Battle is 14,160 (no bonus); 15,576 (manual collect or winning guild bonus); 16,992 (manual collect AND winning guild).

Rewards Edit

Rewards from the Guild Battle are Guild Battle Points (for the Guild Leaderboard), Guild Coins, EXP and Gold. Players will receive rewards at the end of the battle based on their activity points, regardless of whether their guild won or lost. The winning guild however, will gain 10% more Guild Battle Points and Guild Coins.

  • EXP: 20-30 Player EXP (not Hero/General EXP)
  • Gold: 2,000,000. +10% for manual collection.
  • Battle Rank Points: Activity Points/100 (rounded up). +10% for winning guild.
  • Guild Coins: Activity Points/100 (rounded up). +10% for winning guild. +10% for manual collection.

Players with no activity points will not receive any rewards from the battle.

The maximum amount of Guild Coins one can possibly receive in a Guild Battle is 144 (no bonus); 156 (either winning guild bonus, or manual collection bonus); 170 (both bonuses). Additionally, Tuesday's Triple Guild Coins bonus would increase the amounts to be 432, 468, and 510 respectively.

Notes Edit

  • The abilities of generals Edea and Percival do not work in Guild Battles. To reduce damage taken, players must buy Resistance buffs from the Guild Shop or use Daphne. You can also use Deianira and/or Gabrielle to increase damage output while attacking an enemy.
  • Your active General will not gain any Hero Experience from guild battles.

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