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I don't understand at all about the there anyone gladly explain to me...

thx before..:)

  • You attack using her, you recover stamina after the attack based on what is says on her ability. Right now, Vulcan says only monsters activate her ability and battles and wars will be implemented next week. Anyways, let's use examples. Let's say you have 100 max stamina and she is @level 4...

- You have 50/100 stamina. You used a 5-stamina power attack with her. You use 5 stam and recover 15 stam. You should now have 60/100 stamina.
- You have 100/100 stamina. You used a 5-stamina power attack with her. You use 5 stam. However, since your max is only 100, you can only recover upto that count. So you recover 5 stam, bringing you back to 100/100. If you used a 20-stamina power attack instead, you should have 95/100 stamina after the attack since you consumed more than she can recover. Barry-N 12:08, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

  • wow sounds great....! but, it say's "her ability 23hrs cooling down" is that mean the recover will be after 23 hrs? or the cool down of the general? thx b4...:)
    • Like other cooldown generals, once you use the ability (Zin is for 1 attack only), you need to wait for the cooldown bar to recharge to activate the ability again. That means Zin can give you 15 stam every 23 hours. This is somewhat the devs' answer to the requests of shortened regen timer. I didn't analyze the math much (posted in the CA forums) but with the extra stam from her + what you normally regen per day (or per 23 houts), it's like your timer is reduced by 15 or 16 seconds. Only you have to utilize her ability roughly everyday to get that. Barry-N 04:45, August 30, 2010 (UTC)
    • Impressive! thanx alot dude you're helpfull :)

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