Offer Experiences

Please list here the Favor point small Favor Point offers you have tried and whether they were successful.

  • Download the world's leading translation software for free. - Appeared in Super Rewards, but did not report success (could be because Mac OS X version was downloaded).
  • Survey - Did not show up in Super Rewards.
  • Direct TV - Showed up in super rewards after some wrangling. Here is a note: you get 1,438 Favor points for signing up. I signed up, they put a hold on my CC for $25 and I was awarded the points. When you sign up put the install date as far out as you can, (usually a month or so). After the points are used up (usually in a day or two if you are like me) cancel Direct TV order. No charge back of favor points and no hassle to cancel. Since they did not install it there is no contract and they will refund the $25 held on your account.
  • I did the Directv one and HAVE the service now, have had it for over 7 months.... NEVER was rewarded....
  • FTD florist. Bought flowers for wife and did get my favor points
  • I highly recommend any Blockbuster or Netflix trials that appear. You can only do it once but its totally worth it and they are both great services.


  • There may be a bug in the way favor point offers are tracked and rewarded where users get mixed up in the system.[1]


  1. For me, the Super Rewards site shows many offers attempted (mostly Italian ones, but I'm not from Italy or Italian) and a few awarded, but none of the ones I attempted. Not sure if I'm getting the points or the person who supposed to is getting them.

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