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Guardian darx
"Darx, leader of the Ravenhunters has sworn to destroy the demons plaguing the land no matter the cost."
Special Ability
Increase Critical Hit Rate by X
Recruit Method
Awakening Chest Uncommon

Stats & Level

Level Attack Defense Ability
1 11 10 +0.5% Chance
2 12 11 +1% Chance
3 13 12 +1.5% Chance
4 14 13 +2% Chance
SET 15 14 +2% Chance

+1 Max Energy
+1 Max Stamina

Associated Equipment

Greataxe of Demonslaying
Greataxe of Demonslaying (6 Attack, 4 Defense) - Weapon

Item Bonus: +1 Attack to Darx

Ravenhunters Helm
Ravenhunters Helm (2 Attack, 5 Defense) - Helm

Item Bonus: +1 Stamina while Darx is equipped

Ravenhunters Plate
Ravenhunters Plate (4 Attack, 4 Defense) - Armor

Item Bonus: +1 Defense to Darx

Ravenhunters Signet
Ravenhunters Signet (3 Attack, 1 Defense) - Ring

Item Bonus: +1 Energy while Darx is equipped

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