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Dark Rage is a feature in monster hunting that is an improved version to the Rage Meter system first implemented in Gehenna, the Fire Elemental's battle.

As you attack a monster that has a Dark Rage system, your Dark Rage bar will fill up. When you fill the bar to max, you will have the chance to activate Dark Rage for 60 mins. When you attack during this limited period, you will gain a damage boost of 20%. Your Divine Power rating will also be increased during this time by +40. It takes 200 stamina to fill the bar to the max.

Unlike the Rage Meter system, the Dark Rage meter does not decrease over time. Players can also decide on when they want to activate the Dark Rage status when they fill the bar to the max.

The Dark Rage bar is not shared with the entire attacking team. Each participant has their own Dark Rage bar to fill up. The Dark Rage bar is also not shared between monsters that a player is currently in. For example, if a player has two Aurora battles ongoing at the same time, the Dark Rage status of one Aurora is unique to the Dark Rage status of the other Aurora.

Currently, only the monsters Aurora, Ambrosia and Gehenna has the Dark Rage system implemented. In the case of Gehenna, the Rage Meter feature was scrapped and replaced with Dark Rage.

Dark Rage Vs Gehenna, Aurora and Ambrosia
Regular Festival Conquest


+20% Damage

+20% Damage



+20% Damage & +40 Divine Power

+20% Damage



+20% Damage & +40 Divine Power

+20% Damage +20%


  • The Dark Rage in Ambrosia's battle basically give a 20% damage boost. However, if the players divine power is below 220. The damage bonus will vary from 20% to 30%. The mechanism behind is still unknown.
  • The Dark Rage bar does work in Conquest monsters nowadays.
  • (5/7/2014) I just entered a Conquest Aurora and there is _no_ Dark Rage bar!
  • Note: On Conquest Aurora's monster page, the Dark Rage status bar or activation button will only show after you have hit with stamina once on the monster window. If you accomplish any other actions after that, the Rage Bar will disappear. You must hit once more to have the bar displayed again. This is not the same behavior that is found on the regular (non-Conquest) Aurora, whose Rage Bar shows all of the time.

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