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Crusaders of Castle Age is an additional level of game membership that also requires giving extra information to the game's developers (give permission to the Facebook app, give/verify e-mail address, and confirm e-mail address).


  • Access polls to decide mild and important updates in Castle Age.
  • Unlock periodic rewards for helping improve the CA experience.
  • Get the Latest on updates and plans in the near future.

Current Poll

Which aspect of the game would you want for us to focus on next?

Previous Polls

Which aspect of the game would you want for us to focus on next?

  • Expand Content in The Atlantis Quest Segment.
  • Add more Demi Rewards to the current Demi-Powers .
  • Fix Grammatical Errors in various parts of our game.
  • Add additional lands to buy in the town.

Which general would you want us to make a gift item for?

Items in bold indicate the one with the highest number of votes

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