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Conquest Rank is a PvP ranking system based on the number of Conquest Points accumulated through Conquest Duels.

There are currently 18 different ranks, divided into 6 tiers.

Title Points Reward
Rank 0 Grunt 0 --
Soldier Tier
Rank 1 Scout 100 skill points (+5)
Rank 2 Soldier 250 skill points (+5)
Rank 3 Elite Soldier 450 Soldiers Bone Helm
Knight Tier
Rank 4 Scout 700 skill points (+5)
Rank 5 Knight 1200 skill points (+5)
Rank 6 First Knight 2000 Knights Bone Gauntlets
Champion Tier
Rank 7 Legionnaire 3000 skill points (+5)
Rank 8 Centurion 5000 skill points (+5)
Rank 9 Champion 7500 Earth Gems (offensive and defensive)
Commander Tier
Rank 10 Lt Commander 10000 skill points (+5)
Rank 11 Commander 14000 skill points (+5)
Rank 12 High Commander 19500 Commanders Bone Plate
General Tier
Rank 13 Lieutenant General 22500 skill points (+5)
Rank 14 General 27000 skill points (+5)
Rank 15 High General 32500 Bronze Ingots (offensive only)
Nobility Tier
Rank 16 Baron 37000 skill points (+5)
Rank 17 Earl 43000 skill points (+5)
Rank 18 Duke 50000 Dukes Bone Blade

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