Cleanse large
Remove a Debuff and Heal a Player for X Health
Rune Bonus
Heal target by additional 10% of Caster's Health rune
Class: Cleric


Level Effect Obtained From
I Remove Debuff, heal for 10% of Caster's Health rune Annihilator Chest
II Remove Debuff, heal for 10 health + 10% of Caster's Health rune Annihilator Chest
III Remove Debuff, heal for 35 health + 10% of Caster's Health rune Alchemy
IV Remove Debuff, heal for 50 health + 10% of Caster's Health rune Alchemy
V Remove Debuff, heal for 65 health + 10% of Caster's Health rune Alchemy

Remove Debuff, heal for 20 health + 10% of Caster's Health rune Guild Shop


  • Dispel or Cleanse I(II-V) can be used by casting cleanse on allies with debuffs in the Ally Team tab. 135 points is awarded to the caster. Dispel or Cleanse I(II-V) can be used on allies regardless of gate assignments.
  • Cleanse cannot be applied if the caster or target ally is defeated or stunned.

General Boost

  • None

Special Inclusion

Power Comment
Dispel 1 Dispel Dispel has a different name and icon, but it is considered as the same debuff effect as Cleanse I(II-V). However, Dispel cannot be upgraded through alchemy to give additional healing power.


  • Cleanse is used for removing annoying mage and rogue debuffs.
    • Although some players just fight their way through the horrible negative statuses, the power promotes team play and would be better used so that your allies can operate at their full potential. Having an unhindered attacks (by removing Polymorph and Confuse) and keeping your allies alive (by removing Poison) could mean the difference between winning and losing in close fights.


  • Since the only difference is the amount of health healed among the levels of this power, it is recommended to not buy Dispel if you already rolled Cleanse even if it is level I (does not heal). The most important feature of this power is to remove an annoying debuff. Health restoration can come from other more potent actions like Heal, Revive, Fortitude, and the innate cleric gate heal ability.
  • This is a great skill and is a must have for dedicated clerics. Poison and Confuse are potentially devastating negative status and it will do the cleric's guild good if they are free from debuffs.


  • The picture in the Dispel ability is the Arcanist soldier.

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