Generals Gareth
Equipment Leather Gauntlet x1   Leather Charm x1
Leather Boots x1   Leather Armor2 x1
Random Soldier Drop
Crystal Drop
Orb Drop Orb of Carmilla
Coming Soon
Weakened and about to lose control to the Demonic Powers within you, you are saved at last moment by Fairy, Persephone.

Persephone explains how she had been on a quest to save her people when she was intercepted by the King Demon, Mephistopheles, whom struck her down and sealed away her soul in an orb. Her soul now freed, rather than passing onto the afterlife, she decides to giveyou her power to help you regain controlof your body.

Azeron now warns that there are troubling times ahead, and that you have a long and perilous journey before you.

He mentions that there is a war going on, and asks you to reach a tavern in a Portside Town to the East to meet a band that he refers to as the Hunters.

Catalyst is the 2nd area available for questing in Castle Age: Heart of Darkness.

Main Quest 1: Travel in the Dark

Exhausted from your journey and wary of traveling in the day, you wait for nightfallbefore setting out into the woods, toward the Hunter Base.

General Required Any General Any General Icon
Soldiers/Equipment Required Leather Gauntlet x1
Energy Required 7
Experience Gain 7
Experience/Energy 1
Average Gold Gain 2800-35000
Gold/Energy 400-542.9

Quest Completions Before 100% Influence
(with full Elite Guard)


Main Quest 2: Children of the Night

You notice that you are quickly regaining your strenght. The night is quiet and you notice that your senses are more perceptive that were before. Strange shadows lurk all around you that look almost human...

General Required Any General Any General Icon
Soldiers/Equipment Required Gareth
Energy Required 9
Experience Gain 9
Experience/Energy 1
Average Gold Gain 6200-17700
Gold/Energy 688.9-1966.7

Quest Completions Before 100% Influence
(with full Elite Guard)


Main Quest 3: Open Sea

You make your way out of a thick growth of trees, and begin to hear the waves from a large body of water. A few minutes later, you exit the woods and find that you are staring into a vast expanse of Ocean.

General Required Any General Any General Icon
Soldiers/Equipment Required Leather Charm x1
Energy Required 14
Experience Gain 10
Experience/Energy 0.714
Average Gold Gain 14000-20000
Gold/Energy 1000-1428.6

Quest Completions Before 100% Influence
(with full Elite Guard)


Main Quest 4: Road to Town

You are taken back by the intensily in which the water pounds the rocks on the nearby beach. The water shimmers against the night sky, switching between varying shades of black and white reflections. The water and looks sharp, almost crystalline, as if the faintest touch could cut into the skin.

General Required Any General Any General Icon
Soldiers/Equipment Required Leather Boots x1
Energy Required 9
Experience Gain 8
Experience/Energy 0.889
Average Gold Gain 11500-24500
Gold/Energy 1277.7-2722.2

Quest Completions Before 100% Influence
(with full Elite Guard)


Main Quest 5: Portside Town

As you make your way in town, you notice that the inhabitants here draw a stark contrast from those in the village you recently visited. They eye you suspiciously, almost defiantly, and they move both grace and intensity, as if their movements have been honed with strong purpose.

General Required Any General Any General Icon
Soldiers/Equipment Required None
Energy Required 20
Experience Gain 15
Experience/Energy 0.75
Average Gold Gain 45000-85000
Gold/Energy 2250-4250

Quest Completions Before 100% Influence
(with full Elite Guard)


Special Mission: Portside Tavern

Cahod Carmilla
A tavern at the edge of town by the water is exactly as Azeron described it, and you easily make it out for the hunter base. You take a deep breath as you enter into the next stage of your journey

Energy Required 32
Soldiers/Equipment Required Leather Armor2 x1
Experience Gain 32
Experience/Energy 1
Average Gold Gain 20000-40000
Gold/Energy 625-1250
Crystal Drop None
Chance of Orb of Camilla (Alchemy/Magic) Drop 100%

Orb of Carmilla

Orb of Carmilla

As you enter the tavern, the room quiets and all eyes turn to you. You do not see an unarmed man in sight. "We've been told of your coming," says an older man in the far corner of the room.

He has three long scars on one side of his face running down in the same direction as if from a large claw mark. "I'm told that you are no ordinary traveller... and that you hold inside you the key to victory."

He sees from the expression on your face that Azeron has not fully explained the current situation to you.

Long ago, Azeron defeated Angelus, the Vampire King, and banished him from this world. To prevent Angelus' return, Azeron sealed away some of Angelus' power in the form of three precious artifacts.

Although severely weakened, the vampire remnants have recently learned of these artifacs and the key to Angelus' banishment. Our sources tell us that their forces have been gathering together in recent weeks. We believe they are forming an army, and preparing for war...

In the past, we've been able to keep the vampire forces at bay, but we've sustained heavy casualties in recent battles, and we will not be able to hold them off for long..."

As if on the cue the tavern door bursts open and the closest hunters to the door are quickly dispatched by beings that, although seeming human, move with unnatural grace and strength. A fierce battle ensues, and in the midsth of battle, a sultry female figure enters the room through the shattered doorway.


  • Catalyst quests' energy-experience values are similar to that of the Land of Earth, only the experience gained and energy required are interchanged. Thus, Catalyst have very poor experience-to-energy ratio compared to other quests.
  • Catalyst may refer to the Blood Tear, the relic which Virgil entrusted the hero with as he made his last stand against Carmilla as mentioned in the monster battle victory lore and Provocation quest intro. It is this artifact that will lead the hero to a certain big event that will occur later in his journey.

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