Project: Where's the Loot?

Currently on step 2: Prove or Disprove the Loot Table Theories

How people can help

Please submit your drops on the loot tables.

There is now a Google Spreadsheet where you can submit your data.

Project Plan

Step 1: Remake the Loot Tables under (Monster Name)/Loot

  • Ok, here's the deal, All Monsters need to have their loot tables reorganized because of the fact that A) we know what can drop, and B) how rare certain items are to get from a monster
  • There are at least 3 rarities: Epic, Rare, and Common
  • When the monster drops it's loot for you, the things that are dropped are color coordinated.
    • "Epic" drops are purple
    • "Rare" drops are blue
    • "Common" drops are green
  • Since the point of the loot tables are to figure out the drop mechanics, it is now very important to see how many items of each kind of rarity is dropped.
  • Remake the loot tables in the following ways:
  • Give each "Epic" and "Rare" item its own column
  • Put all "Rare" loot columns next to each other. This should also be done for and "Epic"
  • Make columns that ask for the number of "Rare" loot. So that if the players got 5 "Rare" loot drops, they write 5 in that space (Do the same for "Common" and "Epic" loot)
  • Add a column that says how fast a monster was killed.& If you were the summoner, please note in the monster's chat log the exact time that you summoned your monster, so that everyone will know how fast it was killed
    • If you take the time the monster was launched, and look at the attack log to see how long ago the monster died, you can use math to figure out how long it took to slay the monster.
  • Add a column asking in what place where you in when the monster was slain. Where they the #1 damage dealer? #4? #37?

Step 2: Prove or Disprove the Loot Theories

  • There are currently 3 theories about how loot drops work:
  • Arcade Loot Theory:
    • The more damage you do, the more "loot points" you get. Then loot is randomly assigned until you redeem all of your loot points.
    • Different loot is worth a different amount of loot points. "Epic" items cost a lot of loot points, and thus you won't be able to afford as many.Different pieces of loot in the same "Epic" category may have different "loot point" cost.
    • Demi-points, Favor Points, Land, and Energy Potions are small items that are used to make sure all of your loot points are used by the end, or maybe they're randomly assigned.
    • Time may be a factor
  • Ranked Loot Theory: Incorrect
    • Depending what place you were on the damage dealing list (if you were the #1 damager etc.) you get X Epic items, Y Rare items, Z Common items, and QQ demi/favor points, land, and energy potions. The specific items you get are random
    • It doesn't matter how much damage you deal, all that matters is your ranking (if you were the #4 top damage dealer etc.)
    • - Joshua- i don't think this is wat happens because when i kill a monster by myself im not always gonna get an epic item.
    • - Astrella - I must agree that this theory doesn't seem to work. Check this out in the forums:
  • Bracket Loot Theory
    • If you do between C-B damage, you will receive X rewards
    • If you do between B-A damage, you will receive Y rewards
    • If you do A+ damage, you will receive Z rewards. It does not matter if you do A damage, or 1,000,000,000,000 damage, you will only receive Z rewards
    • If you are in the A+ bracket, you receive a set number of Epic rewards, a set number of Rare rewards, and a set number of Common rewards.
    • The actual specific rewards given are random.
  • A fourth theory is also in circulation, how well a monster is fortified when it is killed, a noticed increase in better loot drops have been reported by numerous players when collecting loot on a well-defended monster vs. a poorly defended one. Exact percentages of fortification/dispelment are unknown for increased chance for better loot.
  • Once 100 people have submitted info on the new loot tables, compile level 2 data to see if any of these theories are correct
  • If none are correct, make a new theory based on the evidence
  • The way loot drops may be different for each monster, confirm or make a theory for each individual monster. 
  • Recompile the level 2 data after 200 people have submitted info to the new loot tables.  Reconsider theories, or make a new one.
  • Recompile the level 2 data after 300... 400... 500..., and stop at 500.  If it hasn't become clear what the drop mechanics are, then there is something wrong with us.  Or they changed how the formula works, and we have to start again.

Current Results (Not Finalized)

Time appears to be a factor.

Rank does not appear to be a factor.

It looks like you need to do 2 million damage on a monster to get 2 epic drops (guaranteed) from that monster. (For monsters that have more than 2 million health)

The game seems to lean towards giving everyone 1 epic drop. If you do very little damage, the game won't give one out, but if you do a low amount (but still reasonable AKA it's not obvious that you're leeching) of damage, the game will give you 1.

It seems most cost effective to hit the minimum damage needed to get 1 epic drop from a monster, then to move on to another monster. (However, don't forget that you only get a reward if the monster is slain, so be sure to chip in a reasonable amount of damage to make sure this happens)

Land drops may have different rarities, and is factored in if the game decides you get X Epic/Rare/Uncommon drops.