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In order to figure out the fortify formula, be sure to fill out the table with your complete information. While some may not think that Attack matters when you are fortifying against a monster, there is a rumor that it does, and it is up to us to prove whether or not this rumor is true.

Don't forget: in order for the tables to be accurate, you must decide to record your fortify numbers BEFORE you see how much you fortify by. If people decide to record their fortification numbers after they see how much they have done, that tends to skew the numbers to look more favorable than they actually are.

When it asks for "Attack" and "Defense" please put down your base attack and defense values.  Do not include any bonuses you may have gotten from either your general or your elite guard.  We will be able to figure out how your equipped general and elite guard affects your numbers when you tell us which general you were using and how many elite guard members you had later in the chart.

Remember, Castles have a maximum amount of health. If a Castle has 100,000 health, and you decide to fortify it when it has 99,995 health, you will only fortify the Castle for 5 health. Be sure not to record your fortification data if you think you have healed the Castle up to full.

New as of January 24th, 2010!

Because some generals may or may not have hidden abilities, we must ask that you only record your fortification data if you fortify with any of the following as your active general:





Also, please tell us the Battle Power of your equipment and magic, and not just the Defense value. To find an item's Battle Power, please follow the following steps:

1) Add up all the Attack values for all of your Dueling Equipment and Magic

2) Multiply this by 7, and then divide it by 10. Let's call the number you now have to be "X"

3) Add up all the Defense values for all of your Dueling equipment and magic. Take this number, and add it to "X"

4) You now have the Battle Power we're looking for

Note: To add a new row to a table, right click the last row, highlight "Row" and select "Insert Row Before"

Level 1 Data, Add all info below!

Castle Fortification

Player Level Attack Stat Defense Stat General General Level Equipment/Magic Total Battle Power # of Elite Guard Members Health Fortified Signature
999 126 345 Vanquish 4 155 5 28,942 EXAMPLE
999 126 345 Vanquish 4 155 5 28,942 EXAMPLE

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