Project Complete! Well done everyone!

Please do not add any new heroes to this list. The goal of the project was to get the 50 some odd hero info pages up in a timely manor. The thing that made this a project was the fact that we needed to get all 50 Hero Information pages up as soon as possible. Now that we have gotten all the heroes up (except for a couple), it will be easy to keep up with adding the new general information every 2–4 weeks when they are released by Castle Age.

Any other work that needs to be done falls under Project Smile

Goal: To get all the Hero information up in a timely manor

The issue with this is timing. There is a ton of hero information out there that needs to be put in separate pages. Considering the struggles that we've had with getting all the Quest info into the wiki (especially the non-demi-quests), we need to organize adding all this info so that it gets up in a timely manner.

There are currently 48 heroes. Each hero has their own page. Each page needs to have the following info on it:

  • In game character description
  • Method Acquired
  • Upkeep
  • Initial Stats
  • Level 2 Stats
  • Level 3 Stats
  • Level 4 Stats
  • Initial Special Ability
  • Level 2 Special Ability
  • Level 3 Special Ability
  • Level 4 Special Ability
  • Quests Involved In
  • Current Picture

Since getting this information takes a couple days per hero, and since some heroes are more popular than other heroes, it could take weeks or even months to get everything online. To counteract that, we would encourage you all to Adopt a Hero.

What does this mean? For pennies a day, you could feed a starv... wait, that's something else.

If you adopt a hero, you volunteer to make the page for that hero. You will add all the information required for that hero, and you will actively (within reason of course) try to get the information up as soon as you can. Ideally, 20 of us could get everything up in a week. Once you have added all the info listed above, you don't have to worry about maintaining that hero's page if the game updates something about them (I.E., they change the hero's picture). You can if you want to, but that's not a part of this.

So... Here's the plan, if you would like to help out, sign up for a Hero. When you sign up, people will know that you're working on getting all the info up, and they will know to work on leveling a different hero. If you sign up, please only sign up for 1 hero at a time. Once you finish getting all the info on the hero's page that you signed up on, feel free to adopt another hero.

Be sure to sign up by writing down your signature by typing in "~~~~"

If you have access to an Epic, or a Rare hero, please sign up for them first. Because... well... they're rare, and therefore, there won't be many people who can add the info.

If you want to get the info as quick as possible, it currently seems that you gain the same amount of experience for every quest that you do, and for every PvP battle that you fight, and every time you attack a monster. To maximize the amount of experience you get per Energy, be sure to do the quests that only require 1 energy. To maximize the amount of experience you get per stamina, be sure to PvP, or use regular (not power) attacks against monster.

I have stubbed in all the heroes pages. They still need to be filled in. ConHorne 22:03, December 8, 2009 (UTC)

Sign Up List

Hero Adopted Done?
Strider Yes
Penelope Yes
Dragan Yes
Sophia ConHorne 20:59, December 7, 2009 (UTC) Yes
Elena ConHorne 16:50, December 9, 2009 (UTC) Yes
Aeris ConHorne 19:49, December 7, 2009 (UTC) Yes
Celesta Nekobuster 2:37 EST December 6, 2009 Yes
Cid Yes
Zarevok Yes
Sano ConHorne December 7, 2009 Yes
Garlan Anathama - December 9, 2009 Yes
Shino Yes
Terra Yes
Mercedes Yes
Edea Yes
Titania Yes
Morrigan Yes
Lilith and Riku Nekobuster 18:33 EST December 6, 2009 Yes
Dante Vincent The Frugal 04:38, December 7, 2009 (UTC) Yes
Elizabeth Lione Yes
Vanquish Firsaken 18:30 December 5, 2009 Yes
Araxis Yes
Nautica Yes
Artanis Yes
Chimerus PotKettleBlack 22:15, December 29, 2009 (UTC) Yes
Crom Kwai 15:28, December 20, 2009 (UTC) Yes
Mephistopheles Yes
Ophelia Firsaken 23:32 December 4, 2009 (GMT) Yes
Orc King (Gildamesh) Yes
Savannah Yes
Serra Silverlight Animee1, 15 Dec, 2009 Yes
Stone Guardian (Colossus of Earth) Yes
Sylvanas Ryndr, 14 Dec, 2009 Yes
Tifanna Nutter137 00:33, December 12, 2009 (UTC) Yes
Vulcan Anathama 16:36 12/11/09 Yes
Ambrosia Yes
Helena Animee1 10:57, December 16, 2009 (UTC) Yes
Illusia Vincent The Frugal 03:29, December 5, 2009 (UTC) Yes
Lothar the Ranger Animee1 08:38, December 14, 2009 (UTC) Yes
Lotus Ravenmoore Yes
Lucius Vincent The Frugal 04:56, December 4, 2009 (UTC) Yes
Malekus Yes
Marina Yes
Percival Yes
Skaar Deathrune Yes
Vorenus Yes
Memnon Yes
Aria ConHorne 19:08, December 5, 2009 (UTC) Yes
Lyra Yes
Keira the Dread Knight Yes
Dexter Yes

Example Code

(Note: you have to paste this while editing in the "View Wikitext" mode of editing. You can enter this mode by clicking the top right button on the editing toolbar (the one that looks like a command prompt). Once you have pasted this template, you can fill in the rest of the info in the regular editing mode (do this by clicking the command prompt looking button again)

To use copy this code, click "Edit this page", "View Wikitext", and then copy and paste. I know from experience that things are a whole lot easier if you copy and paste it this way, than if you try to copy and paste what you would see on a finished page).

(Also, Thank you Gatesvp making up this template!)

Hero / Name

Picture Goes Here. Once a picture is uploaded to the wiki, use the following code to add it to the Hero page:



In Game Description Here (found when selecting this general as your active general

Special Ability

Special Ability Description Here

Stats & Levels

Level Attack Defense Ability
1 ??? ??? ???
2 ??? ??? ???
3 ??? ??? ???
4 ??? ??? ???

Recruitment & Upkeep

  • Recruitment: ???
  • Upkeep: ???

Missions & Quests

  • Missions:
    1. Area Name: Quest Name
  • Demi-Quests:
    1. Demi-Power Name:Quest Name


  • None yet. (End of Example Template)