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A Call To Arms is the term (often used as the abbreviation CTA) for broadcasting a request on Facebook for other players to help build a weapon, defeat a monster, or join a battle or raid. This request usually includes a click-able link (sometimes called an "assist link") that will bring you into the Castle Age game to do the task that was part of the request.

When responding to a CTA to create a weapon, if you have 1 stamina to use, you should get some gold and some experience. You can only assist once per weapon.

Everyone can make a "Call To Arms" by visiting the monster battle page and click on the "Call to Arms" button, not necessarily join the battle. They will also post a request for help on their own walls, friends live feeds (depend on privacy setting of the post), and their guild's main page.

Creating a weapon Edit

Example message in Castle Age for responding to a CTA to create a weapon:

You received 100000 gold and 2 experience points for your help in summoning the Blizzard You were the 10th to help summon the Blizzard, 70 more people are needed to summon the Blizzard.

Etiquette Edit

While not required, it is considered helpful and polite to comment in Facebook post or in the battle chat as to which person you were in the order and number of assist.

Example assist messages (based on creating a weapon example above):

  • "10th"
  • "You were the 10th to help summon the Blizzard"
  • "10/80"

Additionally, when people respond to your CTA, they may ask you to Please Return the Favor (PRTF or RTF), with a link to another battle that they need help with. It is considered polite to periodically, go through and assist those who have helped you, by copying the links they provided into a new browser window.

Announcement Images Edit

Bosses Edit

Karn The Minotaur Boss CTA
Karn, the Minotaur
Ca cta orc king
the Orc King
Ca cta colossus
Colossus of Terra
Ca cta sylvanas
the Sorceress Queen
Ca cta mephistopheles
Ca cta keira
the Dread Knight
Ca cta lotus
Lotus Ravenmoore
Ca cta skaar
Skaar Deathrune
the Angel of Wrath
Alpha Mephistopheles
Cta lion's rebellion
Lion's Rebellion
Cta corvintheus
Cta jahanna
Priestess of Aurora
Cta aurora
Cta ambrosia
Cta malekus
Cta azeron
Cta fenix
Risen From Ashes

World Monsters Edit

Cta genesis
the Earth Elemental
Cta ragnarok
the Ice Elemental
the Volcanic Dragon
War of
the Red Plains
Cta gehenna
the Fire Elemental
Cta valhalla
the Air Elemental
Cta kromash
the Storm Giant
Cta shardros
the Mountain Giant
Cta glacius
the Frost Giant
Cta magmos
the Lava Giant
Cta typhonus
the Chimera
Cta kraken
Kraken/Alpha Kraken
Cta vermilion
the Tyrant

Dragons Edit

Ca cta red dragon
Ancient Red Dragon
Ca cta green dragon
Emerald Dragon
Ca cta frost dragon
Frost Dragon
Ca cta gold dragon
Gold Dragon

Serpents Edit

Twitter seamonster green 1
Emerald Sea Serpent
Twitter seamonster blue 1
Sapphire Sea Serpent
Twitter seamonster purple 1
Amethyst Sea Serpent
Twitter seamonster red 1
Ancient Sea Serpent

Guild Edit

Vincent Icon
Alpha Vincent icon
Alpha Vincent
Army of the Apocalypse monster
Army of the Apocalypse
Arachnid cta
Giant Arachnid

Weapons Edit

Cta heroes and archers
Archer Allies
Cta ballistas
Cta catapults
Ca cta sylvanas
Drain Life
Cta dwarven battlemasters
Dwarven Militia
Cta elder dragons
Elder Dragons
Cta elven allies
Elven Allies
Cta elven rangers
Elven Rangers
Cta fire catapults
Fire Catapults
Cta order of mages skaar
Gray Wizards
Cta heroes and knights
Knight Allies
Cta order of mages
Order of Mages
Cta volcanic phoenixes
Cta paladin allies
Paladin Allies
Cta silverlight angels
Silverlight Angels
Cta valeria soldiers
Valerian Soldiers
Cta valerian knights
Valerian Knights

Cronus Edit

Ca cta hydra ballistas
Ca cta hydra blizzard
Ca cta hydra cannons
Ca cta hydra catapult
Ca cta hydra firestorm
Ca cta hydra last stand
Last Stand

Raids Edit

Deathrune Siege I Deathrune Siege II
Ca cta deathrune siege i ballistas
Ca cta deathrune siege i catapults
Ca cta deathrune siege ballistas
Ca cta deathrune siege catapults

Notes Edit

  • You can see "Call To Arms" requests from your Army members on your Live Feed.
  • When making a "Call To Arms" please note that only army members of the summoner may participate in the fight if it is a Epic Boss or Epic Team.
  • If you try to answer your friends "Call To Arms" but are unable to, they may have sent the call on a monster of someone else who is not in your army.
  • There are many verified instances of people being able to join and attack a battle against a Dragon (Epic Boss) whilst NOT being in the summoners army.[citation needed]

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